SRRA Championship Show Sunday 3 May 2009

Judge Mr. Nick Bryce-Smith

BCC & BIS winner,  Miss S. Nix's NYASSA CALUUA AT KITOKO, on the left,  the judge - Mr. Nick Bryce-Smith and the DCC & RBIS,  Mr. & Mrs. J. Bowlus's CH SOFALA LINCOLN, on the right

DCC - Mr. & Mrs. J. Bowlus's CH SOFALA LINCOLN
RCC - Miss S. Rossiter & Ms A. Fox'a CH & AUST CH CHILOLO CJ SOMEDAY SAM (Imp)

SRRA CH SHOW 3 May 2009
Judge – Mr. Nick Bryce-Smith
Firstly I would like to thank the Officers, Committee and Members of the SRRA for their wonderful invitation to judge their Championship show.  It was indeed a great honour particularly for a first CC appointment.  To have, as I was told, a record entry was the icing on the cake.
In general I was very impressed that virtually all exhibits were shown in a hard muscular condition something that is missing from a lot of breeds these days.  Heads were mainly acceptable although a few tended towards being heavy.  There were only five incorrect bites and most were showing relaxed temperaments.  Front conformation and rear angulation were generally fine except that a number of exhibits were a little straight behind which I find difficulty in relating to the breed’s original function.  Overall for me, a very enjoyable judging experience.  Finally, many thanks to my quite excellent steward.
MPD (1)
1st Perez &Narukaite’s NTOOZU ZURI MOYO.  Just six months and well forward for age.  Good depth, strong head and well boned.  Correct lay of shoulder and good rear angulation.  On move covers ground but needs to tighten up a little which should come with age.
PD (3,1 abs)
1stBates’s BURNCOTE BUSHMAN.Eight months and a powerful dog for this age.  Good depth, masculine head in correct proportions.  Good topline.  Well conformed in front.  Good tail set.  Covers ground but needs a little more precision in going.
2nd Sanders’s KUWINDA TO DO IS TO DARE.  Lighter constructed than my first.  Head set on strong neck.  Well angulated behind but needs more depth  Moves with drive but, like winner, needs to be more precise in action.
JD (16, 1 abs)
1st Reid &Meikle’s REJAN TOP GUN.  At just twelve months is well forward for age.  Head well proportioned and set on a long clean neck.  Good front conformation with leg well set under.  Plenty of depth and good rear angulation.  Covers ground with drive and precision.
2nd Carlton’s UMHLANDLA BUKEKAYO.  More compact than first.  Strong jaw and well laid shoulder.  Good depth and nice overall outline.  Filled in front.  Another active true mover.
3rd Dickson & Robinson’s WINGSDANCIN ARCHANGEL LUCIFER.   At twelve months mature for age.  Masculine head set on good clean strong neck.  Well laid shoulder.  Strong boned leg well set under.  Stood over ground.  Moved well but not with the precision of 1 and 2.

GD (10, 2 abs)
1stAitken& Reid’s SONSTRAAL CHOCOLATE STORM. Good overall balance with a reaching light action.  Correct eye and well set ear.  Well laid shoulder and good depth.  Moderate rear angulation with well set tail.  Well developed teeth.  Moved with vigour and truth which gave him this class.
3rd Hick’s NUTHOUSE MANHATTAN.  Strong masculine head with well set ear on broad flat skull.  Strong clean neck but perhaps a little more length required.  Depth and filled in front.  Good rear angulation and covered ground on the move though could be a little truer.
PGD (7, 1 abs)
1st Davis & Robinson’s IMOLA IMAC.  Masculine well proportioned head with well developed teeth.  Clear strong neck.  Good level topline with plenty of depth.  Hard muscled behind with well bent stifle and low set hock.  Active precise mover.
2nd Lynn’s TSJAKKA JUST JOEY.  Good overall outline.  Well set eye, dark pigment, powerful jaw.  Good return of upper arm meant leg well set under.  Another acting with good drive though a little loose in action.
3rdCraigie’s IMBALI BAKARI (AI).  Well proportioned head set on strong clean neck.  Good lay of shoulder plenty of depth and well muscled.  Good topline, a little more white on front pastern than I would like.
MLD (9, 2 abs)
1st Austin’s KIROMOL KHRONAS IS DONASIE.  Good overall balance.  Depth with good topline.Well proportioned head with correct amount of stop.  Well laid shoulder.  Strong boned leg well set under.  Good rear angulation with low set hock.  Hard muscled with a driving action, extension and precision.
2nd Nolan’s HARAMBEE ZONDELELA.  Strong male head.  Again well conformed though a little out at elbow.  Well muscled, good tail set and correct topline.  Covered ground well and with truth.
3rdGeeves’s MATABELLE MASTERPIECE.Strong clean neck and good topline.  Well angulated behind and enough depth.  Good correct feet and well set tail.  Not as correct in movement as 1 and 2 but still reaching out well.
LD (11, 1 abs)
1st Raymond’s SOFALA SARACEN.Balanced throughout.  Impression of power.  Good head proportions.  Well conformed in front with good depth, bone and muscle.  Correct compact feet.  Low set hock.  Moved with reach and drive, very true.
2nd Locke’s MAZI-MASHUDU AT WINGSDANCIN.  Another well proportioned example but I would like just a little more depth.  Correct topline, good bend in stifle and low set hock.  Good hard muscle.  Active mover using himself well and covering ground.
3rdLowson’s MWENGA HASANI FOR JENGACHENGA.  Slightly smaller than 1 and 2 but good proportions.  Balanced head set on strong clean neck.  Correct rear angulation.  Active mover with good extension.
OD (15, 3 abs)
1stBowlus’s CH SOFALA LINCOLN.  Masculine dog balanced throughout.  Well up to size.  Strong jaw with well developed teeth.  Well muscled.  Good overall outline.  Clean neck with enough reach.  Hard condition.  Movement won this for him being light and easy covering ground with drive and truth.  CC & RBIS
2nd Woodrow’s MIRENGO’S MUKWELA.  Beautifully balanced overall.  Great dept with leg well set under.  Elbows tight to brisket.  Well proportioned head with good eye/ear set.  Excellent outline with well laid shoulder, correct bend of stifle and low set hocks.  True mover with a good action but not the drive of 1.
3rd Carlton’s CH UMHLANDLA LUWAMBA.  Another with good depth and filled in front.  Good dark pigment and good head proportions.  Excellent overall outline.  Good bone and front conformation.  Low set hocks.  Another moving well covering ground with drive and truth.
VD (7, 2 abs)
1stRossiter& Fox’s CH & AUST CH CHILOLO CJ SOMEDAY SAM (Imp).  Just seven.  Good overall balance and outline.  Well set eye/ear on good head proportions.  Strong bone, well laid shoulder and good depth.  Shown in hard condition.  Well angulated behind.  Light easy precise ground covering action.  RCC & BVIS
2nd Barnes’s CH DIAMONDRIDGE DESPERADO.  Strong very masculine dog.  Good depth, hard condition good bone.  Strong head with appealing expression.  Good tight feet.  Well angulated with low set hock.  Covered ground well but not with the precision of 1.
3rd Woodrow’s CH MIRENGO’S MUKO MAKO.  Good balance and proportions throughout.   Well conformed in front with well laid shoulder and return of upper arm.  Leg well set under.  Decent bend of stifle.  Low set hock.  Moved truly but not with the enthusiasm of 1 and 2.
MPB (4, 1 abs)
1st Perkins’s NTOOZU MTANGA MACHO.  Just six months.  Good overall balance feminine head with correct proportions.  Well angulated behind.  Correct topline.  Good rear angulation and correct feet.  Lacks concentration at this age.  Moved well when paying attention to handler.
2nd Raymond’s SOFALA SHANGILIWA.  Rangier than 1 and more mature.  Balanced head set on good reach of neck.  Well laid shoulder.  Good overall outline and bend of stifle.  Covers ground but rather loose in action.
3rd Holmes’s NYUKI RUBY TUESDAY (NAF)(TAF).  At seven months balanced with good lay of shoulder.  Feminine head in correct proportions.  Moving a little close fore and aft.
PB (7)
1st Tuttle’s TRENDSETTER AMARA AT TUTRIDGE.  At eleven months old a feminine bitch with good overall balance.  Appealing head with kind expression.  Good clean neck set on a well laid shoulder.  Good compact feet.  Nice overall outline.  Best mover in class with an easy free true action.  BPIS
2nd Maitland-Jones’s MTWAPA MAKENGELENI.  At nine months strong for age with good bone.  Confident with well set eye/ear.   Powerful quarters.  Covered ground on the move but not with the truth of 1.
3rdParke’s  VELDTKAMMER HI MAINTENANCE.  Attractive bitch with a good head and expression.Strong clean neck.  Good lay of shoulder and reasonable depth for age.  Good topline well set tail.  Needs to tighten up on the move.
JB (9, 1 abs)
An eye catching class with plenty of quality for the future.
1stPoles’s IMBALI MALKIA (TAF).  Balanced throughout.  Feminine head/expression in correct proportions.Decent depth for age.  Good topline and lay of shoulder.  Correct hind angulation.  Tight correct feet.  Well muscled behind.  Moves with truth, reach and drive.
2ndAdderley’s TAMBYSSA’S KHAMSIN.  A little more mature than 1st.  Again with good head/expression.  Balanced and with depth but would like elbow a little tighter to the brisket.  Good hindquarters with nicely bent stifle.  Another that moves well but needs a little more ring confidence.
3rd Chapman-Damms’s GLENORIN MAJA AT KHALI.  Strong head well set ear.  Good overall outline with well set tail.  I would like a little more depth that may come with age.  Covers ground but needs to tighten up a bit.
GB (9, 3 abs)
1st Fuller’s NYUKI KRACKLIN’ ROSE.  Good topline and tail set.  Skull wide and flat, well set ear.  Correct bend in stifle, good feet, true mover with reach.
2nd Tuttle’s HESPA HULLANTA AT TUTRIDGE.  Good overall outline.  Balanced head and correct stop.  Good front conformation.  Tight correct feet.   Well set tail.  Moves with reasonable truth and drive.
3rd Hicks’s NUTHOUSE MARTINI.  Strong bitch powerfully built.  Would like a little more lay in shoulder.  Moved with vigour but a little loose in action.
PGB (12, 3 abs)
1st Le Brun’s EILACK FERRARI.  Correct head, good eye/ear set.  Strong jaw all set on clean powerful neck.  Well conformed.  Good topline and tail set.  Well bent stifle and low set hock.  Very good true mover with extension and drive.An eye catcher.RCC
2ndLipman’s KIROMOL KAMILI OKA.  Head proportions correct.  Leg well set under.  Good topline falling away to well set tail.  Good rear angulation.  Moved well.
3rd Coyne’s OZUBI’S MAIGOLD.  Good overall type but would like a little more depth.  Correct topline.  Nicely bent stifle.  Moved well but lacked drive.
MLB (9, 2 abs)
1stParker’s ZURI ADIA TO AZULI.  Good overall outline and balance.  Good feminine head with kind expression.  Lips clean and close.  Good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm.  Plenty of depth and well set tail.  Well angulated behind.  Very true mover with reach and drive.  Light easy action.
2nd Boyd, Fox &Mosedale’s SONSTRAAL CHOCOLATE DROP.  Very feminine with good dark eye and well set ears.  Attractive outline though I would like a little more depth.  Correct bend of stifle.  Also moved well with a true action.
3rd Barnes’s DIAMONDRIDGE DALILIA.  Powerfully built bitch.  Good depth and filled in front.  Strong bone.  Balanced head with good ear set.  Compact feet.  Covered ground well.
LB (15, 2 abs)
1st Carlton & Smith’s UMHLANDLA MBATHA JW.  Good head in correct proportions.  Well set eye, dark pigment.  Good depth and well laid shoulder.  Correct overall outline.Well bent stifle and low set hock.  Moved with an easy true ground covering action.
2ndBates’s GUNTHWAITE DIAMOND LIL JW.  Ran the winner close, another with good overall balance.  Feminine head.  Good reach in clean neck.  Plenty of depth.  Good tail set.  Good rear angulation and feet.  Another to move well.
3rd Barnes’s DIAMONDRIDGE DOLISSMA.  Powerful bitch with good drive, correct head and dark eye.  Good depth filled in front.  Correct topline.  Moved with vigour but at times a little wide behind.
OB (13, 4 abs)
1st Nix’s NYASSA CALUUA AT KITOKO.  A well constructed lady who fought off some strong competition here.  Feminine balanced head.Well laid shoulder with leg set well under.  Satisfactory bone.  Has good depth and topline.  Tail well set.  Good hind angulation.  Balanced overall.  A true active mover covering ground with a light but driving action.CC & BIS
2ndCraigie’s IMBALI KELEKE (AI).  Well up to size but graceful with a good outline and depth.  Well conformed in front with correct rear angulation.  Good feet and bone.  Relaxed easy true mover.
3rd Coyne’s AMISWARNO MADRIGAL WITH OZUBI.Attractive feminine lady with correct proportioned head, clean neck with reach.  Good depth and filled in front.  Compact feet.  Moves with grace, precision and drive.
VB (3)
1st Morris’s CH BRUET SONG OF KASENGA.  At seven years six months in fine condition.  Good depth and elbow tight in.  Well laid shoulder and excellent hind construction.  Good bone and feet.  Covered lots of ground with precision.
2nd Bowden’s REJAN TAMBA.  A grand old lady at twelve and a half years and in good shape.  Gentle expression.  Good conformation and angulation.  Well set tail.  Moved well and with vigour for age.
3rd Storey’s KAMBOND KIJAKAZI BY KIROMOL.  Eleven years old and amazing front extension for age.  Soft gentle expression.  Good bone.  Legs well set under.  Good tail set.  Covered ground on move.

Nick Bryce-Smsith
4 May 2009