Judge: Mrs Liz Cartledge

The SRRA held its 18-class championship show at the KC Building, Stoneleigh, with an excellent entry of 149 from 138 dogs and not many absentees.  A few of the lower classes in both sexes lacked quality and uniformity but LD, OD, LB and OB were really exciting and excellent classes to judge.  Upright shoulders and poor front movement were quite common faults.  A few spread their feet on this surface, a small number had high tail sets and gay tails on the move and some of the younger males were a bit apprehensive, just a passing phase.  There was a warm and welcoming atmosphere and I felt I was among good friends all day.  Everything was well organised and Marion Hunt was an ace steward, calm and quiet but most obliging and efficient.  Best in show was the dog CH Flametrees Kyper of Godolphin; BOS and RIBS Multi Int CH Rekaylahn Blaze JW; BP Jaloumi Cheeky Charlie and BV CH Sofala Jefferson.  A big thank you to all concerned for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog (4)

1st        Baillie’s Isiqa’s Gretzky
7 mths, masculine head, dark eyes, serious expression, muscular neck, well proportioned, well muscled quarters, lean and fit, handled to best advantage, moved well for such a baby
2nd       Cherrie’s Jengachenga Brilliant Boy
7 mths, sired by CC winner, attractive puppy who played his young handler up when attempting to move in a  triangle, looked well going round with the others, excellent body and coat, good bone and feet.  Front and front movement need to strengthen
3rd       Lowson’sJengachenga By Design
litter brother to 1st
Res      Raymond’s Sofala Sabo

Class 2 – Puppy Dog

 1st        Kemp’s Jaloumi Cheeky Charlie

2nd       Parrish’s Veldtkammer Going For Gold

3rd       Maclean& Clark’s Veldtkammer Golden Balls At Callmn

Res      Parrott’s Marondera Jubilant Jelani

VHC     Le Brun’s Eilack Freelander
PD (11, 1):  1 BP Kemp’s Jaloumi Cheeky Charlie, 10 mths, substantial puppy with plenty of potential, excellent bone, typical head with good expression, strong neck, good depth of body, moved and showed with a purpose, very fit, good coat, sympathetically handled; 2 Parrish’s Veltkammer Going For Gold, 11 mths, good personality but a short attention span and got  a bit over excited at the end.  Lovely body, glossy coat, well muscled.  Standing a bit careless in front at times.  I preferred expression of 1st; 3 Maclean and Clark’s Veltkammer Golden Balls at Callmn, litter brother to 2nd

Class 3 – Junior Dog (9,2)

1st        Piehl’s Kiromol Kubwa Mno
14 mths, best mover so far today, effortless long stride with plenty of reach and drive, good bone, legs and feet, pleasing head, dark intelligent eyes, best of necks, good depth of body, lovely muscle tone, sound, lean and fit.  In the last 3 for the CC – with a little more maturity should trouble the top contenders

2nd       Kemp’s Jaloumi Cheeky Charlie

3rd       Selby’s Eilack Chato

Res      Pearce’s Veldtkammer Rock Me Chick

VHC     Starkie’s Africandream Rockstar

Class 4 – Graduate Dog 9,1)

1st        Doran’s Doberidge Duck N Dive
just turned 2, handsome young man, by same sire as my BP, easy mover, excellent feet, good head, expressive eyes, splendid coat and condition, firm body of good depth, well handled, happy showman
2nd       Lloyd’s Lionpride Leonardo
25 mths, size smaller than 1st, attractive head, good neckline, fit body, well handled, moved and showed OK

3rd       Walton Haddon’s Mwenga’s Special Brew

Res      Goodridge’sVoorlooper Imperial Opal

VHC     Cyprien&Williams’s Jocebec Jelani Elite

Class 5 – Post Graduate Dog (9,1)

1st        Hicks’s Nuthouse Manhatton
same sire as JD winner, 2 yrs plus, quality dog with good bone and substance, good reach of neck, typical head and expression, excellent depth of body, clean outline, well proportioned, steady showman who moved well
2nd       Carlton’s UmhlandlaBukekayo
very enthusiastic about it all, great personality, good neck and shoulders, firm body, well muscled, easy mover.  Panting a bit so expression not easy to assess

3rd       Turner’s DiamondridgeBahati of Zebrariver

Res      Robinson & Dickson’s Wingsdancin Archangel

VHC     Crewdson& Lewis’s SofalaArrie

Class 6 – Mid Limit Dog (4)

1st        Carlton’s Umhlandla Bukekayo

2nd       Davis’s ImolaImac
3.25 yrs, good reach of neck, excellent topline and depth of body, moved OK, pleasing head.  Could have been a little more animated;

3rd       Grainge’s Jimbo Adofo

Res      Craigie’s Imbali Bakari (AI)

Class 7 – Limit Dog (16,1)

Super class where some decent looking Ridgebacks had to go cardless
1st        Bates’s Burncote Bushman JW
20 mths, all quality youngster of excellent type, in great form, firm and fit, superbly handled to look his best, good head, flat skull, intelligent expression, clean neckline, held his topline when moving, good ridge, composed showman.  Put up a really good performance and pushed Kyper all the way.  Bright prospect – I liked very much
2nd       Reid & Meikle’s Rejan Top Gun JW
2 yrs by my CC winner and a good honest Ridgeback, I liked his head and expression, good neck and shoulders, well boned, lovely silhouette standing but I thought he was carrying just a shade too much weight which showed up on the move, sympathetically handled
3rd       Jones’s Veldtkammer Bollinger
completed a very good trio, sharing a sire with JD and PGD winners

Res      Geeves’s Matabelle Masterpiece

VHC     Davis’s Jaloumi I Am Legend from Hesslewell JW

Class 8 – Open Dog (16,2)

1st CC and BIS Ratcliff’s CH FlametreesKyper Of Godolphin
Veltkammer Get Ofa My Cloud appears to have been a busy lad in the stud department as this was another of his sons!  No mistaking this one for anything but a male, 4 yrs with a real stallion look about him.  Mature, strong and muscular – in great form, well muscled, excellent bone and substance, tight feet good length of head, strong muzzle, typical expression, used his neck to advantage both standing and moving, carried himself well holding his topline at all times, steady character, marvellous hindquarters with plenty of power and drive.  Today’s star he took it all in his stride, a real athlete
2nd       Boyd’s CH Sonstraal Gabe’s Prospect At  Sescheke JW ShCM
also 4 yrs and one I remember judging and liking before.  Upstanding dog, lean and fit, pleasing head, well muscled, good reach of neck, strong quarters, moved with a purpose, very well handled and presented.  Nails need attention, feet not as good as Kyper’s but that’s being very picky
3rd       Simper’s Matabelle Doyen
V Get Ofa My Cloud sired this one too, very good mover, lovely bone and substance, just flying his ears today but a very impressive threesome

Res      Aitken& Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm

VHC     Salmon’s DiamondridgeBakari of Zebrariver

Class 9 -  Veteran Dog (2,1)

1st        Bowlus’s CH Sofala Jefferson
nearly 8 but still had quite a good spring in his step, bright sparkling eyes, real gentleman, well conditioned, at one with his handler and clearly enjoying himself, clean silhouette


Class 10 – Minor Puppy Bitch (5,2)

1st       Brien & Young’s Jengachenga Bold As Brass For Imanje
by CC winner and litter sister to 2 and 3 in MPD, feminine head and outlook, very good topline and overall proportions, easy mover, well handled and conditioned
2nd       Dunn’s Aba Akoko Khananga
8 ,tjs. ratjer "bum high" presently, lovely head and expression, moved OK, excellent coat and body
3rd       Goodridge’s Voorlooper Awesomes Angel

Class 11 – Puppy Bitch (7)

1st        Smith’s Neelanjali Premier Rose At Lilongwe
10 mths, quality puppy, good bone, legs and feet, excellent reach of neck, firm body and quarters, intelligent expression, focused showgirl, easy mover

2nd       Brien & Young’s Jengachenga Bold As Brass For Imanje

3rd       Brennan & Dawes’s Neelanjali Arora Butterfly
litter sister to winner

Res      Parke’sVeldtkammer Golden Touch

VHC     Farleigh’s Kinabula Kalifa Deka

Class 12 – Junior Bitch (9,1)

1st        Craven’s Hespa Heloise
red, mature looking for 13 mths, lovely bone and feet, quality head, sparkling eyes of good shape, reachy neck, good body and depth, responsive showgirl who went well with her handler, glossy coat.   Very good potential for the future – I kept her in the frame with the OB and LB winners when deciding on the CC and she wasn’t far behind
2nd       Storey’s Kiromol Tallulah Belle
litter sister to the good moving JD winner, attractive head, well proportioned, good depth of body, well muscled quarters, sound mover.  Not holding her topline as well as 1st when going round
3rd       Maidment’sKiromol Kokomo
litter sister to 2nd

Res      Gleeson’s Veldtkammer Rock On Chick

VHC     Hawthorne’s Africandream Uptown Girl

Class 13 – Graduate Bitch (8,3)

Rather mixed in size and type
1st        Webster’s Janak Jazmin
3.5 yrs., good honest bitch but carrying a bit of surplus weight today, good head but her expression said she thought it was all pretty boring!  Moved quite well, jut not a lot of enthusiasm
2nd       Sales’sLionpride Grand Edition
2 yrs, litter sister to 2nd in GD, feminine and self assured, active mover, in good muscular condition, glossy coat, very well handled, attractive head.  Would like a little more of her

3rd       Wigglesworth’s Nomuula Namaqua At Ranginui

Res      Campbell’s Nyassa Everlasting Love

VHC     Maylor’s Kamili Asabi

Class 14 – Post Graduate Bitch (8,1)

1st        Ellis’s ZejakMajuzi
18 mths, attractive head, would like darker eyes, good bone, legs and feet easy mover, well muscled, excellent body, coat and condition
2nd       Turner’s DiamondridgeZahina of Zebrariver
3 yrs, good silhouette standing but did not quite hold her topline on the move.  Good neckline, ample bone.  Not moving 100% behind

3rd       Everitt’sDiamondridgeDollybird From Lobengula

Res      Coyne’s Ozubi’sMaigold

VHC     Hicks’s Nuthouse Martini

Class 15- Mid Limit Bitch (3)

1st        Farleigh’s KinabulaAkuaBahati
2 yrs, quality head with good expression, clean neckline, firm body, deep chest, purposeful mover, showed with style;
2nd       Barnes’s DiamondrigeDalila
3 yrs, well constructed bitch of good type, not quite back to form after nursing 12 puppies, topline still a bit saggy.  Good length of head, intelligent expression, sympathetically handled, plenty of drive when moving
3rd       Walshe’s Monduri Kasulu Kasindra, daughter of BIS winner
Class 16 – Limit Bitch (13,2)
Very good class.

1st        Carlton & Smith’s UmhlandlaMbatha JW
nearly 3 yrs, sound active bitch of excellent quality andtype, I liked her head and expression, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, held her topline when moving, good length of stride, happy responsive shogirl, well conditioned and handled
2nd       Lawless’sFaahacFarenya JW Sh.CM
2 yrs, athletic looking bitch with excellent silhouette and overall proportions, feminine head, flat skull, good bone and feet, splendid coat and condition, another who moved and showed well. Very close decision - these two could change places quite easily

3rd       Le Brun’sEilack Ferrari, by sme sire as 1st

Res      Storey’s KiromolKhaos

VHC     Ratcliff’s GodolphinsCatchthecatSh.CM
Class 17 – Open Bitch (14,1)
Super class containing many top class bitches.
1st CC And RBIS Hewson’s Multi Int CH Rekaylahn Blaze JW ShCM
hard to believe that this red bitch is 6 yrs 10 mths, very fit and well muscled, in tip to condition, well proportioned, clean neck and shoulders, very good side gait, typical head, alert expression, firm body and topline, determined showgirl, very well handled.  Classy bitch who kept going right to the end;
2nd       Nix’s CHNyassaCaluua At Kitoko
4 yrs, focused showgirl with responded very well to her handler, attractive head, very fit, moved with reach and drive, strong body, well muscled quarters

3rd       Parker’s ZuriAdia To Azuli

Res      Miles &Parke’sVeldtkammer Red Hot Chick At Jaloumi

VHC     Wallace’s Sonstraal Gabby’s Dream

Class 18 – Veteran Bitch

1st        Green’s Thokozani Sunflower
8 yrs, still a good mover, strong body and quarters, calm and steady showgirl.  Flying her ears today.


Male line up

DCC     CH FlametreesKyper Of Godolphin

RDCC  Burncote Bushman JW

BPD    Jaloumi Cheeky Charlie

BCC     Multi Int CH Rekaylahn Blaze JW Sh.CM

BRCC  Umhlandla Mbatha JW

Bitch line up


BBP     Neelanjali Premier Rose At Lilongwe

BIS      CH Flametrees Kyper Of Godolphin

RBIS   Multi Int CH Rekaylahn Blaze JW Sh.CM

BPIS    Jaloumi Cheeky Charlie

BVIS    CH Sofala Jefferson