Open Show Saturday, 15th October 2011

JUDGE Mrs. M. Hunt
Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge this show and the exhibitors for bringing
their hounds. There were some lovely hounds present, mouths were good overall, heads in this
entry were very good, none of the square wrinkled heads with hard expressions I have seen on some
Ridgebacks. All ridges were acceptable. Added to that it was a glorious autumn day and we were
able to be outside in a large ring, which gave the hounds adequate space to show off their paces.
Most of the hounds were fit enough to take advantage of this even if some of the exhibitors found it
a bit hard going. I hope you have all revived. The hounds coats just glowed in the sun.
Minor Puppy Dog 2 (2)
1. Pyke's Rozelridge Who The Man
7mths. Raw pup with nice head and good neck and shoulder. Well muscled quarters used to advantage on the move. Shows promise. Slightly high at back end but time will put this right. Good movement and good straight front.
2. Jeffery's Zenzele' Chase the Ace
Also 7 mths but not quite so well developed in the chest. Nice head and good strong neck, well muscled quarters but not quite using them as the winner.

Puppy Dog 1 (2)
Very nice looking dog was withdrawn from this class as he was lame in front, hope he is sound very soon.
1. Hawkin's Veldtkammer Hot Shot. Well muscled dog, Wedge head leading to good length of neck. Kind eye. Good bone and feet. Deep chest. Although well developed quarters was not using them
as well as the previous winner.
Junior Dog 4 (5)
1. Vobes & Webber's Veldtkammer Roll Em Over. Darker
dog. Well balanced. Nice head and expression. Standing on good well knuckled feet. Moving with reach and drive. Gleaming in the sunshine.
2. Digby's Trendsetters Russian Elite. Smaller dog but
well balanced. Moving strongly off well letdown hocks
3. Veldtkammer Hot Shot
Res Harambee Ku-Duma

Novice Dog 2 (4)
1. Nolan's Harambee Ku-Duma. Didnt seem atall happy today. Mature dog with good bone and excellent quarters. Moving quite well but with no enthusiasm.
2. Ahmed's Diamondridge Daedelous. Big boned dog who would benefit from training for dog and handler. Not cooperating at all.

Post Graduate Dog 4 (4)
1. Mitchelson's Diamondridge Damocles of Voortreker. Correctly proportioned dog. Nice head and expression with dark pigmentation. Good bone and feet. Moving wellfrom allangles. Firm topline with slight arch over loin. Strong well muscled quarters.
2. Parrott's Marondera Jubilant Jelani. Not quite the length in body of the winner. Lovely forequarters and well ribbed deep chest. Good depth to 2nd thigh allowing him to move out well.
3. Wackett's Brenwill Meki Boy.
Res Thokozani Yologoququ Itau

Limit Dog 5 (5)
1. Hick's Nuthouse Manhatton Lovely well balanced dog . Head nice and clean with flat skull between the ears and free from wrinkles and frown. Strong well muscled neck and good well placed shoulders, deep chest and good ribbing. Top line firm and well muscled quarters. Movement a joy to watch. Pushed hard for one of the top places.
2. Healey's Voortrekker Tasso. Lighter wheaten dog with
lovely head and wide nostrils. Good bone and feet. Well muscled and moving well. Nice straight front coming on. A little tucked up.
3. Piehl's Kiromol Amani
Rec Brenwil Meki Boy
VHC Mutoko's Mangusta

Open Dog 6 (7)
A great class where I had to nit pick to get the winners.
1. Piehl's Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW. Takes a while to get into his stride this dog, but when he does he really shows his wonderful movement to the full. He is not however just a movement machine because he has the most beautiful head with dark pigmentation sitting on strong neck and good forequarters. Level top line with slight rise over loin and well muscled  quarters. He is in hard condition and carried his tail well on the move. Deep chested and well ribbed. Well handled to get the best from him. BD & RBIS
2. Simper's Ch Matabelle Doyen. Lovely dog with good proportions. Good bone and feet. Masculine head without coarsness and wide
nostrils. Moving well but not will the verve of the winner. Fit and well muscled.
3. Orton's Veldtkammer Rhode Runner
Res Shingwidsi Tshepa Riva
VHC Ch Matabelle Masterpiece
Veteran Dog 2 (3)
Two very worthy Chs contested this class.
1. L. Bowlus' Ch Sofala Lincoln 7 yrs old. Well balanced dog not carrying an oz of extra weight. Good head and reach of neck, well laid shoulder and good length and angulation to upper arm. Deep chest and good ribbing. lmpressive quarters used well to drive off his hocks round the ring. A credit to his owner. RBD & BV.
2. Smith's Ch Everglaces Magic Maestro. Close up to 1 and similar remarks. Fit and well able to do the job. Just couldn't match the winner on movement going away.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3 (3)
1. Coogan's Borgia. Very nice pup. Pretty head and expression. Well balanced and very much together for one so young. Good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders. Good bladed bone and well arched feet. Good muscular development on hind quarters. Moved well from all angles. BPIS
2. Lawless' Faahac Fayela. Very similr to 1. Beautiful head and eye, strong neck leading to well placed shoulders. Just not the hind quarters of 1 on the day but time for development.
3. Smart's Rozelridge Madame Cholet

Novice Bitch 1 (1)
1. Whitelock's Okameeli Kosha Brodi. Well bodied bitch with good bone and feet. Flying her ears a tad. Close behind but straight in front.
Post Graduate Bitch 6 (9)
1. Mansfield & Kirby's Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk. Stood out in one of the best classes of the day. Feminine head with correct ears and wide nostrils. Good length of neck leading to well angulated
shoulder and upper arm. Deep chest and well ribbed. Level top line and arched loin. Well developed quarters with good second thigh. Movement very good and absolutely straight coming an
ln gleaming condition. RBB.
2. Dawes & Brennan's NeelanjaliArora Butterfly. Much of the remarks of 1 apply to this girl as well. A touch shorter in back and would like to see slightly shorter hocks but was moving well and true.
3. Barnes' Diamonridge Belladonna
Res Thokazani Cinderelle Belle
VHC Rozelridge Life Of Riley

Limit Bitch 5 (6)
1. Barnes' Diamondridge Dalila. 4 yrs. Nice feminine head with good eye, strong reachy neck leading to good shoulder placement. Good ribbing and depth of chest. Well muscled quarters and 2nd thigh enabling her to really drive off nice short hocks.
2. Smith's Neelanjali Premier Rose at Lilongwa. Not such a scopy
bitch but all the essentials. Nice head and good pigmentation. Correct topline and gently sloping croup. Good bone, feet and quarters. Moving out with reach and drive.
3. Nolan's Ku-Wa-Na Karama at Harambee
Res Ozubi's Maigold
VHC Nuthouse Martini

Open Bitch 5 (5)
Another strong class 
1. Barnes' Diamondridge Dolissma Mature well balanced girl, with lovely head and expression. Good length of neck. Well ribbed and deep chest. Muscular quarters and short hocks. Moved with style, reach and drive. One of the few using her tail to balance. BB & BIS
2. Storey's Kiromol Tallulah Belle JW All the essentials and close up her movement was good but just could not match the outstanding bitch in 1-'t spot.
3. Morris' Bruet Sing the Blues to Kasenga
Res Ch Faahac Farenya JW Sh.CM
VHC Kiromol Kinuka

Veteran Bitch 4 (6)
1. Morris' Ch Bruet Song at Kasenga 10 years. Still moving with great freedom belying her years and hardly showing any grey atall. Everything in place and not carrying an oz extra weight, she obviously looks after her weight. ln consideration of RB. A credit to her owner.

2. Cooksey's Harambee Zimbuluka, 11yrs. light wheaten, beautiful head and expression, good bone and feet. A little stiff in movement.
3. Coyne's Amiswarno Madrigal with Ozubi
Res Kiromol Kizazi

Brood Bitch 1 (1)
1 Kiromol Kinuka
Nice group of typy hounds with good heads.
Brace 3 (3)
1 Mr & Mrs Barnes' Brace
Similar type and well schooled. Moving well in tandem
2 Mr & Mrs Storey's Brace
Moving well together but not quite so similar
3 Mr & Mrs Storey's Brace
Best in Show Diamondridge Dolissma
Reserve Best In Show Kiromol Kubwa Mno, JW
Best Puppy in Show Borgia
Best Veteran in Show and Reserv Best Dog Ch Sofala Lincoln 
Reserve Best Bitch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk