Open Show 20th of October

Judge: Mr Stuart Milner, Dialynne Beagles

Many thanks to the officers and committee for their friendly hospitality shown and to the exhibitors for making a wonderful entry.


BIS was Nix’s Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly


Res BIS was Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mnd, JW



Minor Puppy Dog 3 (1)


1st Healy-Strickland and Camilletti’s Ozubi’s Best Mate of Voortrekker

A 7 months old strongly made with good legs and feet. A good head and good angulation very sound for age


2nd Winkler von Stiernhielm’s Ozubi’s Red Rum

Litter brother of 1st and of similar type like his brother, and of same quality

Puppy Dog 3


1st Semansky and Kaberabkova’s Zejak Chibu

A well built puppy with nice head and expression. Clean in neck, well sprung rib for age. A good mover


2nd Raymond’s Sofala Fine Design

Not quite as mature as 1st, but kind in head. Good in front and rear. Good topline on the move.


3rd Saunders’ Kiromol I’m Your Man at Bruet

Junior Dog 2


1st Sofala Fine Design


2nd Geeves’ Sonstraal Dream On

In very good condition, very sound, good type, but for me just too heavy today.

Novice Dog 1


1st Hawkin’s/Smith’s Veldtkammer Hot Shot of Lonaza
A 24 months old. Nice head, good front, quite sound but just carrying his tail too proud, but of good quality. Res. Best Dog

Post Graduate Dog 8 (2)


1st Hawkin’s/Smith’s Veldtkammer Hot Shot of Lonaza

2nd Jeffery’s Zenzeles Chase The Ace

19 months and of good type and quality all round, close up to 1st


3rd Houghton’s Kiromol License To Thrill

Limit Dog 4


1st Parrott’s Marondera Jubilant Jelani

A nice 3 year old with quality. Good head, neck, shoulder. Good balanced mover, very sound


2nd Mitchelson’s Diamondridge Damocles of Voortrekker

Close up to 1st similar in type, just a bit more proud of his stern.


3rd Houghton’s Kiromol Kaylo Presents Donasie

Open Dog 8 (1)


1st Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno, JW

A quality dog with correct head balance, good neck and shoulder placement, angulation at rear and front, sound with very good chest and forechest. Excels in top line both standing and moving. Movement is sound and powerful. A super dog. He was my best dog and reserve best in show.


2nd Hawkin’s/Smith’s Veldtkammer Shot of Lanaza


3rd Crunden and Strickland’s Voortrekker Sindia

Veteran Dog 5 (2)


1st Mansfield and Kirby’s Shingwidsi Tsheda Riva

Of good type, very sound, super head. Looked good in profile. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW


2nd Bowler’s Ch Sofola Jefferson

A 10 years old and very sound


3rd Smith’s Ch Evergraces Magic Maestro of Lilongwe

Minor Puppy Bitch 1


1st Coyne’s Ozubi’s Dawn Run

A 7 months old very feminine of good quality, very sound for age, very happy and alert.

Puppy Bitch 6 (3)


Raymond’s Sofala So Fantastique

She really does live up to her name. She is a stunning 9 months old, a very good head, good eye, well balanced. She is so typical of the breed. Very sound both coming and going and in profile with correct tail carriage. Was pleased to award her Best Puppy in Show.


2nd Storey and Piehl’s Kiromol Razzle Dazzle

A very nice type of bitch, quite sound for age. Different to 1st but I still liked her a lot.


3rd Crunden and Strickland’s Kiromol Garden party with Voortrekker

Junior Bitch 5 (1)


1st Barnes’ Diamondridge Prima Donna

A true honest bitch. Lovely in head. Soundest in class. Very nice indeed.


2nd Parrott’s Rockridges Australias Finest at Marondera

Of nice type, good depth of chest, good topline, just needs to settle


3rd Plested’s Kitoko Just Go With It

Novice Bitch 4


1st Barnes’ Diamondridge Prima Donna


2nd Sofilkan/Cova’s Asu Sangwa Kwan Yoni

A very nice bitch, good in front, nice shape in outline, very sound


3rd Coogans Rozalridge Borgia

Post Graduate Bitch 6 (1)


1st Storey’s Triumphills But of Corse at Kiromol

A feminine headed bitch with a good outline. She is good in neck and shoulders with a correct topline. She moves very well using her sound front and strong quarters.


2nd Coogans Rozalridge Borgia


3rd Parker’s Trendsetter Jani For Azuli

Limit bitch 9


1st Nix’s Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly

A stunning 2 year old girl. Very feminine and of very nice type and quality. Head and expression are just lovely. Standing she has a super long neck, correct topline and balance. She is of the best temperament and very alert. She is very sound, she uses her tail to her advantage. Looks very smart running round the ring. Was my best in show.


2nd Mansfield Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk

Another good bitch with correct balanced head with good front, neck and shoulder are correct. Good level topline. Moves and shows well.


3rd Barnes’ Diamondridge Prima Donna

Open Bitch 4 (1)


1st Barnes' Diamondridge Dolissma

A very high quality 6 years old. I loved her head and expression. Looks very good in outline. Good reach of neck. Correct front and shoulders. Good in topline. Strong quarters, tail carried correctly. A very good built bitch and she is very sound.


2nd Storey’s Kiromol Tallulah Belle

Very nice at close up to 1st showing good condition. Moves very sound on strong quarters.


3rd Raymond’s Sofala Shangiliwa

Veteran Bitch 8


1st Dawes and Brenan’s Adanamira Bahiyah

A nice bitch this one. Very feminine and very sound. I liked her overall balance and type. Moves very sound in profile and coming and going.


2nd Digby’s Chigani Adeola of Inbajsha

A bitch of a larged mould but still very nice. Showed and moved well.


3rd Raymond’s Sofala Sequence

Brood Bitch 2


1st Storey and Piehl’s Kiromol Kinuka


2nd Raymond’s Sofala Sequence




1st Nix’s

2nd Storey’s

3rd Ward’s