Championship Show 2013
Silver Anniversary Show

CC Dog and BOB Ch Gunthwaite Midnite Preacha JW

CC Bitch and BOS Sofala So Fantastique
RCC Dog Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW Sh.CM
RCC Bitch Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly
Best Puppy Msingi TAbula Rasa
Best Veteran Ch Nyassa Caluua At Kitoko
Best Breeder in Breed Gunthwaite Kennels
One of the real highlights for an "old" all-rounder is to be invited to judge a breed speciality in England or USA. In England in particular since the number of breed experts is high (and a bit scary) around the ring and you are – if you make advantage of this – in a position of getting adequate feed back to what you have done and you always need that however impressive your experience internationally may be. The feed back is colourer by breed tradition and British dog know how.
I do not think Rhodesian Ridgeback is an easy breed to judge! – the “common” (in the best sense!) normality of the basic construction of these dogs can make you become a “soundness” judge and put breed characteristics lower on the priority. And which characteristics do really count the highest? In a breed where the traditions tell you, you should think Dalmatian at the same time. This historically interesting information about the conformation of the breed should be left nowadays – and this tradition is probably the reason for Ridgebacks looking so different (in size – body generosity contra racyness – houndy traits versus working dog traits). This breed really has its own rights but comparing to cousin breeds can always have its value if you emphasise the differences not the similarities.
I had a great time at this lovely show – the best of practical arrangements and a very nice highly educated professionalism found in the arranging committee and arrangements. I had great help in my ring! And was also very happy for the great shepherd’s pie lunch! And the very nice communication with breed specialists. Thank you – I added a lot to my knowledge and opinion about what the best Rhodesian Ridgeback shall bring to the show ring (and hopefully that is also what makes him efficient in the reality with lions) – The general quality of the flattering entry of 136 was far above what I have experienced before and the homogeneity was striking – which really is not the case always and everywhere. The presentations were great and the attitudes just the right combination of positivity and giving respect. 

Minor Puppy Dog (7) 5
A nice class with promising puppies!
1st Roseridge Royal Romeo (ai) is a puppy in one solid piece with a presence in his masculinity. Well balance with excellent lines and proportions. Very little to criticise – Naturally youngish in front movement. A quality puppy
2nd Meringo's Morokois a charming boy with excellent neck and top line and very correct height on legs moving well and showing nice attitude and expression – has an excellent fore chest
3rd Harambee Ku Kujo
Res Mutokos Lionheart From Jeamtti
VHC Gunthwaite's Son Of A Preacha
Puppy Dog (3) 3
1st Msingy Tabula Rasa is a lovely handsome puppy male with excellent head set on in a quality top line that will give him a future! Excellently balanced angulations between front and rear and moves very well. A star quality dog! Best puppy in show
2nd Roseridge Royal Romeo (ai)
3rd Tambyssa's Ares
Junior Dog (5) 4
1st Amahle Don't Stop Me Now- Handsome but a little bit tall- Has great balance and proportions. Beautiful correct head and expression – Shall develop a bit more fore chest – Particularly nice construction and set on of hindquarters and moved very well with a breed typical carriage.
2nd Sofala Fine Design is a beautiful dog with excellent combination of strength and elegance – very nice construction in front and rear Mover well.
A bit proud of his tail today and a bit on the long side – but has great height of legs.
3rd Ozubi's Best Mate of Voortrekker
Res Eilack Kito Kijani
Graduate Dog (4) 4
1st Ilizulu Kito Star. Nice size – rather nice head with good expression A little upright in pastern. could be a little longer in rear ribs. Adequate angulations in front and real and moved well.
2nd Zejak Chibu. Handsome rather dark coloured nice dog Very nice set of neck and good balance in angulation – Moved well
3rd Eilack Ushindi
Res Sonstraal Dream On
Post Graduate Dog (4) 4
1st Zenzele's Chase The Ace JW. A masculine dog of excellent size shown in splendid condition. Very nice head and expression but a little soft in lips – Beautiful lay back of front assembly and impressive top and underline. Good length and breed type of movements and nice tail carriage – great lines standing – gets a little high over rump in action.
2nd Mirengo's Mulo Bezi – Great size and general composition but could be a little more outgoing in attitude and have a little more respect giving expression and a prouder tail carriage – moved very well other wise
3rd Eilack Ushindi
Res Brenwil Meki Boy
Mid Limit Dog (3) 3
1st Space Explorer – Very handsome – keeping outlines beautifully in action – excellent head and very nice construction in front and rear could be a trifle deeper in chest to balance his size but generally a pleasing dog.
2nd Marakele Vanquish JW. Very pleasing dog with great size and beautiful head and expression – a little generous in throat skin Nice neck and topline Could be a little deeper in chest but has a good fore chest line. Nice hindquarters and moving well
3rd Tsjakka Just Joey
Limit Dog (11) 8
An interesting and challenging and rather difficult class with many top contenders
1st Isiqa's Gretzky At Saddletor JW Sh.CM. Very attractive dog Masculine head and expression Strongly built with excellent balance – Shown in super condition. Just the right idea of angulations in front and rear. Lovely generosity in body and bone. A great dog not showing his action well initially but decide to do that finally
2nd Veldtkammer Hot Shot Of Lonaza is another quality dog with especially nice head and pleasing size and proportions – Correct and nice construction fore and aft. A very attractive general picture in action – winner had a little better chest
3rd Diamondridge Damocles OF Voortrekker
Res Jaloumi Causin Havoc
VHC Eilack Kaan
Open Dog (15) 14
This was indeed a very pleasing class to judge with many beautiful and correct dogs behaving excellently in the ring together. Really took a bit of work and thinking to do these dogs justice in placement. – sometimes you feel you do not have prize cards enough!
1st Ch Gunthwaite Midnite Preacha JW. This is a dog that is combining the exact proportions with the desired longish lines substance and bone – Lovely heads and all the right details – The general picture of this Star quality dog is the optimal combination of breed type and show quality. Impressive idea of lines in neck and top line and just the right space in ribcage – quality construction and balance in fore and rear quarters and using his anatomy with dignity and soundness in action. A pleasure to judge! Very well presented– Dog CC and B o B
2nd Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW Sh.CM. Great masculine dog of the ideal combination work and show at the best – Easy to picture him on the African savannah Has honesty in attitude and presence added to his great construction head bone and action. Handled to really show his quality workmanlike type. Reserve Dog CC
3rd Sofala Saracen JW Sh.CM
Res Veldtkammer Worth Da Hassle
VHC Kelshanti Senator Of Africaner JW Sh.CM
Veteran Dog (3) 2
1st Voortrekker Sinola is a handsome dog with excellent head and pleasing height of legs balancing depth of body particularly well. Very nice hindquarters and showing a pleasant picture in action.

2nd Mwenga Hasani For Jengechenga. Strong nice looking dog with great set of neck and excellent fore chest. Moved with breed type and soundness – a trifle low on legs.
Minor Puppy Bitch (11) 9
As always a minor puppy class is difficult because of great variations in development.
1st Tokwe After Eight. Quality puppy. Well put together and has a great expression. Gives a beautiful picture in sound breed typical action.
2nd Whats Your Fancy. Smart looking and pretty in the right way – excellent front and generally well balanced. Quality!
3rd Gunthwaite Born To Be Wicked At Jarhiba
Res Tickle Your Fancy
VHC Tokwe Truly Scrumptious
Puppy Bitch (10) 8
1st Nuthouse Romance. Attractive bitch with lovely feminine proportions and great expression, very nice in balance fore and aft angulations and moves very well that made her win.
2nd Kamili Comes And Goes. Another quality puppy – stylish and elegant with beautiful neck and top line – good layback of shoulders an elbows well under.
3rd Shombay Once is Enough
Rec Tambyssa's Hera
VHC Tambyssa's Athena
Junior Bitch (10)
1st Sofala So Fantastique – A great looking bitch with excellent construction and particularly well balanced standing and in action. Very beautiful neck and top line – has certainly a bright future. Bitch CC
2nd Eilack Nehanda – Very pleasing with great proportions and beautiful head – could be a little harder in condition and more collected in front feet – built on generally quality outlines.
3rd Kamili Comes And Goes
Res Kiromol Garden Party with Voortrekker
VHC Shona Out Of Africa Nyanga At Himaladolce
Graduate Bitch (9) 8
1st Nuthouse Never Say Never. Very nice size and general outlines – Feminine quality expression – Typical bone – a little upright in upper arm. Good mover
2nd Kitoko Mabel – Feminine with excellent substance and set of neck – Typical expression – a little wide in front but moves well from side.
3rd Kitoko Just Go With It
Res Kiromol Garden Party with Voortrekker
VHC Umhlandla Mpelese Kamakoti

Post Graduate Bitch (6) 4
1st Trumphills But Of Course At Kiromol is a smart looking bitch of great outlines with sufficient bone and substance. Attractive construction in front and hindquarter and excellent movement from side.
2nd Umhlandla Mpelese Kamakoti shows a very nice picture moving – excellent expression could have a bit better lay back of shoulder but very breed typical hindquarters
3rd Kitoko Truly Madly Deeply at Tokwe
Res Diamondridge Prima Donna
Mid Limit Bitch (4) 2
1st Trendsetter Jani For Azuli is a quality bitch standing so well on her for legs and has a desirable combination of strength and type. Great mover – Has got Quality
2nd Jaloumi Up To Mischief. Feminine with nice outlines and proportions – elbow could be better under – Beautiful hindquarters and moving well – shown in great condition.
Limit Bitch (15) 13
 A very nice strong class quantitatively and qualitatively
1st Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly is a very attractive high quality bitch standing so well on her four legs and thus showing her excellent lines in a great way standing and moving. Excellent head and attitude – just the right substance. A beautiful bitch Reserve Bitch CC

2nd Nuthouse Martini – Is a bit stronger and on a honest workman like idea (in the best sense) Moves very well – Feminine enough and shown in great condition
3rd Veldtkammer Jog On At Skukuza
Res Hespa Starlit Sky at Hesslewell JW Sh.CM
VHC Ballyriver Houner
Open Bitch (9) 8
1st Ch Am Grand Ch Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely. Mature excellent bitch excelling in front construction well balanced to rear. Nice proudly presenting her self – moves very well and show excellent condition. Great quality!

2nd Ch Kiromol Tallulah Belle JW. A sporty sound lovely bitch with striking movements. Great bone and substance – excellent expression and has a very breed typical attitude.
3rd Diamondridge Dollissma
Res Ch Hespa Heloise HW Sh.CM
VHC Ch Faahac Farenya JW Sh.CM
Veteran Bitch (8) 7
Several well preserved quality bitches – sporty and not aged!
1st Ch Nyassa Caluua At Kitoko is a very beautiful bitch with correct and quality details – Specially nice neck and topline – Great body and substance in good condition – moved very well – Pleasant typical attitude. Best veteran of Breed

2nd Mutli Int Ch Rekaylahn Blaze JW Sh.CM – Pretty and handsome in the right way for a Ridgeback bitch – great general quality – lost to above on upper arm – has impressive style in lines and movement though.
3rd Kiromol Kinuka
Res Kwekwe K'beya
VHC Ilizulu Magical Moonlight JW

CC Dog and RCC Dog
Best Breeder in Breed
Very impressive groups in the ring – doubt this can be beaten anywhere in the world at present
– Best Breeder to David Bates in a strong competition!
Judge, Gφran Bodegεrd MD PhD
FCI all breed judge
Bred the foundation stock of the "Swedish Greyhound"

First dog - a deerhound champion – when I was 12 – Teen age summers working in kennels in
England learning the basic dog “know how”. Bred deerhounds in the beginning of the sixties but
from 1966 breeding and co bred nine generations of show greyhounds which have had an
important world wide influence.
Judging since 1966 – all over the world – Great judging assignments: Eukanuba AKC show,
repeatedly Crufts, Tokyo Int FCI, Eurasia, FCI World Shows National sighthound specialities all over
Europe – and in the USA, Canada and England. Last years BIS Hound speciality in New Jersey, all
breed shows in New Zealand and Australia, The FALAPA in France, Saluki club speciality and the
Hound Classic in California, all breed shows in Norway and Denmark, the European FCI show Dublin,
Blackpool CC show, Crufts, Southern Counties, the Greyhound Club of America Speciality 2010.
2012 BIS at Sydney Royal. Member of the central board of the Swedish Kennel Club; chairman of
the Breed Spec Instr Committee and responsible for the SKK project of securing and repairing
pedigree dogs from development of unhealthy and unsoundness due to type exaggerations
awarded at shows and preferred by breeders.