SUNDAY 4th MAY 2014


Judge: Mrs Gillian Craven

It is a privilege to be asked to judge your Championship Show and I am greatly looking forward to the day. I have had dogs all my life starting with a Cocker Spaniel. Several Golden Retrievers, Dobermann, three Mini Dachshunds and a beloved Red Setter.

Married and living in Notts I visited Martin Lacey’s Kennels at Sherwood intending to buy a Vizsla and came home with the first of my Ridgebacks, a bitch called Heidi. Martin persuaded me that Ridgebacks had more brains!

I started showing in 1972 with Wolfridge Africa who traced back to the Rafters Kennel and have bred six champions to date, including a Pup of the Year qualifier, a qualifier for the Contest of Champions and a winner of the Owlsmoor trophy for top dog of the year.

Although no longer asked to track big game (rare in England!) I am seeking a dog with efficient movement, able and built to do its job and with a sound temperament.

I look forward to meeting you and you dogs.
Judges critique:
It has been a few years since I judged and I would like to draw attention to a couple of faults which have crept in, one is a lack of prosternum without which the muscles cannot operate as efficiently and the other is a lack of underjaw which is wrong in a working hound.
Overall my winners were delightful and carry high hopes for the breed, ridges and temperaments were sound.
Minor puppy dog, 7 1a
Barnes’s Diamond Ridge Da Vinci
6 month old red wheaten nicely balanced youngster, good head leading into length of neck, good feet and adequate bend of stifle. Enough depth for age, a little loose in movement at present but promising,
Tredwell and Symonds’ Shombay Dark Night Rises
Another attractive puppy with a happy attitude to life, needs to drop in the middle but that should come in time, overall well built and his movement is more accurate than 1
He is a good colour and was shown in great condition.
Both these two should have something to look forward to.
Puppy dog, 5 1a
Doughty’s Colkerin Indali Light of Rubiltra
Good head body and outline leading to well let down hocks. Good moving puppy who should do well and is more mature at present than his litter brother which gives him the edge.
Hodge’s Colkerin Sunlight
Rangier than his brother, so has more development to come. Lots to like about him and he will improve greatly. Looser in his movement but that will tighten up as he matures. Two nice puppies of good ridgeback type
Junior dog 6
Bowlus’ Villagedogs Magnificent Madison
Great mover and very light on his feet showing that he has good overall balance
Strong head, good reach of neck, correct tail carriage and well let down hocks
One of the truly straight movers
Doughty’s Colkerin Indali Light of Rubiltra
Graduate dog 4 1a
Nolan’s Harambee Ku Kujo
Attractive light wheaten dog with a nice firm outline, good head but would prefer a slightly longer muzzle. Very good bend of stifle and well let down hocks.
He moved very well.
Geeves’ Sonstraal Dream On
Very good length of body, not quite the shoulder placement of 1 but carries a really good arch of neck which gives a pleasing outline, Moved easily and well
Post graduate dog 6 2a
Walker’s Amahle Don’t Stop me Now
2 year old dog in excellent condition, good qualities overall but falls away slightly over the croup, his firm well arched feet gave him preference over 2
Nolan’s Harambee Ku Kujo
Mid limit dog
Davies’ Gunthwaite’s Son of a Preacha
Deep red dog with a good outlook on life. Moved very easily with reach of stride,
Carries a look of his father, well made throughout and was shown in lovely condition
Pearce’s Msingi Tabula Rasa
Another attractive dog built to do his job as a hound, moved well but not as light on his feet. Carries a lovely head but is shorter in the muzzle than 1
One of the few with a really good prosternum

Limit dog 8
Jeffery’s Zenzele’s Chase the Ace
Good overall balance to this chap who has depth of body, good prosternum and lay of shoulder. Correct topline carries himself well and moved out in profile
Ashman’s Eilack Kito Kijani
Nice masculine dog with good coat and colour, well balanced which shows in his paces which were free and active. Shown in gleaming condition
Open dog 8
Piehl’s CH Kiromol Kubwa Mno
Well known light wheaten champion with conformation to match, Beautiful easy mover who looked as though he could go all day in the bush.
Unfortunately he lost his action later on in the challenge for best of breed.
Aitken and Reid’s CH Sonstraal Chocolate Storm
This dog showed magnificently moving out well ahead of his handler and was so close to 1. He has very good length, topline tail carriage excellent depth of body and carries a lovely head. Not quite as much a showman as1 but a beautiful dog all round
Reserve CC
Veteran dog
Raymond’s Sofala Saracen
Just into veteran but does not show it at all. Strong head with a slightly loose lip but he is very wellmade with a great shoulder and well muscled hind quarters. Good reach of stride and looks as though he could go allday
Mansfield and Kirby; Shingwidsi Tschepa Riva
Lovely dog, giving a good outline, excellent second thigh and correct croup, moved out well in profile but is a little close in front
Minor puppy bitch 7 1a
Brownlee’s Diamondridge Royal Dynasty
Litter sister to the puppy dog winner and at her first show. Quite mature for her age and well made with good bend of stifle giving a lovely shape. Very pretty head and has enough depth for her age. Should have a bright future.
Maidment’s Amahle Thandeka
Not quite as finished in the head as 1 but carries a good shoulder, decent length of neck and has good feet. Moved easily and well, anoth
er to watch with interest
Puppy Bitch 6 1a
Parson’s Priorpark Aphrodite
Smart youngster who presents a good outline both moving and standing.
Sound pasterns and feet and overall very nice indeed and she has a very pretty head which is appealing and complements her good body shape.
Farleigh’s Young Gifted and Red
Slightly too fine in the under jaw but a nice well balanced puppy with great hind angulation and the correct rise over the loin which some exhibits are missing.
Graceful and easy mover.
Junior bitch 12 3a
Pearce’s Msingi Your Da One
Very neat youngster with no exaggeration well bodied good lay of shoulder and an attractive head. Moved out very easily and comfortably, should have a good future.
Raymond’s Goodness Gracious
Good lengthy bitch with a lovely arch to her neck giving a clean outline with well let down hocks and a good tail carriage. Free and easy mover and maturity will improve her even more in time.
Graduate bitch 7 1a
Bull’s Kamili Closer by the Hour
Lovely bitch of a very good type who has improved a lot since I last saw her as her feet have tightened but still could do a bit more.
Good head and muzzle, well proportioned neck leading to a great shoulder, deep body and bend of stifle. Her movement is easy and powerful looks as though she would last all day working.
Pearce’s Msingi Your Da One
Post graduate bitch 10 2 a
Bull’s Kamili Closer by the Hour
Farleigh’s Kinabula What’s Your Fancy
Clear light wheaten bitch of quality, particularly good rear angulation and enough depth of rib, attractive head and expression. Good flowing movement in profile but not quite the reach of stride of 1 but still a good breed example.

Mid Limit Bitch 5 1a
Aitken and Mosedale’s Sonstraal Dream the Dream at Saadani
Pleasing head and construction, well balanced bitch with a classy outlook reminiscent of her sire and shares his good movement also showing the correct shape of chest
Gray’s Kijivu’s Kharis
3 yr old bitch with many good points but not quite the same overall balance and bend of stifle as1.Moved out well both ways keeping a nice topline. She has a lovely head and length to her neck.
Limit Bitch 10 2a
Nix’s Good Golly Miss Molly
I have admired this bitch and her litter sister since they both came out as puppies and she has continued to catch the eye. Smooth flowing movement, lovely profile showing the correct rise over the loin, could perhaps strengthen slightly in the pastern but altogether very attractive,
Maylor’s Kamili Comes and Goes
Pretty bitch with a kind expression and a good dark eye, could perhaps do with a slightly stronger muzzle in length. Great depth of body and has better pasterns than 1 and again an easy good mover.
Open bitch 10 3a
Hodge’s Ch. Am. Grand Ch. Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely
Quality 6 year old very fit and shown in gleaming condition. A bitch I have admired since her return to GB. Clean head and neck giving a proud expression. Good topline and excellent hind angulation, moved true out and back and in profile. Good ambassador for the breed who could do her job in her native bushland
Pleased to award her the CC and BOB over the dog.
Maylor’s Kamili Busara
This is another stuuner who pushed 1 all the way, and first caught the eye at the Match meeting of all the RR clubs. Powerful well built bitch with all the correct qualities, she has substance as well as presence
Reserve CC
Veteran bitch 7 2a
Miles’ Ch. Veldtkammer Red Hot Chick at Jaloumi
All these veteran bitches could out move most of the youngsters here today and this one was at her best. Dark red bitch of medium size with a feminine head and appealing expression, her topline betrays her age just sometimes but she is most attractive and was shown in sparkling condition
Nix’s Ch Nyassa Calua at Kitoko
Wheaten bitch who shows no sign whatever of her age, she was in excellent condition overall sound evenly balanced and a great mover.
Minor Puppy Dog 6 (7)
1. Diamondridge Da Vinci
2. Shombay Dark Knight Rises
3. Amahle Juma
Res. Amahle Mpho
VHC Kibibi In The Loop


Minor Puppy Dog 6 (7)
1. Diamondridge Da Vinci
2. Shombay Dark Knight Rises
3. Amahle Juma
Res. Amahle Mpho
VHC Kibibi In The Loop 


Puppy Dog 4 (5)
1. Colkeririn Indali Light Of Rubiltra
2. Colkeririn’s Sunlight
3. Diamondridge Dodge N Dash With Lobengula
Res. Kibibi In The Loop


Junior Dog 4 (6)
1. Villagedogs Magnificent Madison (Imp)
2. Colkeririn Indali Light Of Rubiltra
3. Kuwinda King Mufasa
Res. Simangele Capsicum
Graduate Dog 3 (4)
1. Harambee ku Kujo
2. Sonstraal Dream On
3. Neketona Red Maple
Post Graduate Dog
1. Amahle Don’t Stop Me Know
2. Harambee Ku Kujo
3. Neketona Red Maple
Mid Limit Dog 5 (5)
1. Gunthwaite’s Son Of A Preacha JW
2. Msingi Tabula Rasa JW
3. Roseridge Royal Romeo JW (ai) (Swed Imp)
Res. Ilizulu Kito Star
VHC Rufus On The Lawn
Limit Dog 6 (8)
1. Zenzele’s Chase The Ace JW
2. Eilack Kito Kijani JW
3. Isiqa’s Grets'zky At Saddletor JW Sh.CM
Res. Veldtkammer Hot Shot Of LonazaSh.CM
Open Dog 8 (8)
1. Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW Sh.CM
2. Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm Sh.CM
3. Ch Jockular Lord Lenti At Tsjakka JW (Imp)
Res. Nuthouse Manhattan
VHC Ch Veldtkammer Worth Da Hassle
Veteran Dog 6 (6)
1. Sofala Saracen JW
2. Shingwidsi Tshepa Riva (ai)
3. Ch Matabelle Masterpiece
Res. Voortrekker Sinoia
VHC Diamondridge Bahati of Zebrariver
Minor Puppy Bitch 6 (7)
1. Diamondridge Royal Dynasti
2. Amahle Thandeka
3. Abayomi Colour Of Magic
Res. Guntwaite’s Cool Crazy Lady Of Vandengan
VHC Abayomi The Light Fantastic
Puppy Bitch 5 (6)
1. Priorpark Aphrodite
2. Kinabula Young Gifted an Red
3. Diamondridge Delightful
Res. Trendsetter Thandine
VHC Colkeririn Indigo Lightly At Lonaza
Junior Bitch 9 (12)
1. Misingi Your Da One
2. Sofala Goodness Gracious
3. Kinabula Bin There Done That
Res. Simangele Cascara
VHC Kalunda Kahluah at Umhlandla
Graduate Bitch 6 (7)
1. Kamili Closer By The Hour
2. Msingi Your Da One
3. Harambee Ku Shani
Res. Imbasa Kaniphile Of Mukumbura
VHC Ilizulu Eye Candy
Post Graduate Bitch 8 (10)
1. Kamili Closer By The Hour
2. Kinabula’s Whats Your Fancy
3. Kiromol Kendi JW
Res. Harambee Ku Sani
VHC Kiromol Garden Party with Voortrekker
Mid Limit Bitch 4 (5)
1. Sonstraal Dream The Dream At Saadani JW
2. Kijivu’s Kharis
3. Nuthouse Never Say Never
Res. Umhlandla Mpelesi Kamakoti
Limit Bitch 8 (10)
1. Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly
2. Kamili Comes And Goes JW
3. Jaloumi Up To Mischief
Res. Diamondridge Prima Donna
VHC Shombay Once Is Enough
Open Bitch 7 (10)
1. Ch Am Grand Ch Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely
2. Kamili Busara
3. Nuthouse Martine
Res Ch Trendsetter Jani For Azuli Sh.CM
VHC Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk
Veteran Bitch 5 (7)
1. Ch Veldtkammer Red Hot Chick At Jaloumi
2. Ch Nyassa Caluua At Kitoko
3. Diamondridge ZAhina Of Zebrariver
Res Kiromol Kinuka
VHC Ch Zuru Adia To Azuli JW

BIS  Ch Am Grand Ch Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely
RBIS Kamili Busara
DOG CC Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW Sh.CM
Best Puppy Diamondridge Da Vinci
Best Veteran Sofala Saracen JW
Best breeder in Breed Kiromol