Open Show 18th of October 2014

About our judge Mr Clive Brownlee (Jambaro):
"I am delighted and honoured to be invited along to judge the SRRA Open Show
My love for the breed extends back to when I was a small boy hearing the fantastic stories of Rhodesian Ridgebacks from my uncle who had many ridgebacks whilst living and working in Rhodesia and Kenya in the 1950's.
We got our first Rhodesian Ridgeack nearly 17 years ago and since then have owned a further three. we have shown our dogs for many years and have gained a Championship title with our first boy. I have also been involved heavily behind the scenes within the breed club as well as the Stratford upon Avong Dog Society.
I have been judging for clese to 15 hears and I am very much looking forward to judging at your club Open Show."
Show Report – Clive Brownlee

Firstly many thanks to the SRRA committee for my invitation to judge their open show. Also to all the exhibitors for their entry. The number was amazing and one of the largest entries for the club open show for many years.

It was very disappointing that we were unable to show outside due to the wet ground. I am sure that the hounds would not have minded! The floor in the hall proved to be unsettling for a number of the dogs and an outside ring would have been preferred to assess movement.

All temperaments were good, most ridges correct a few slightly offset. General weight very good. Only one thing that was disappointing was the amount of dogs and bitches with poor tooth hygiene young and old.


Puppy dog: 4 (1)

1st – Tokwe Little Dragon (Aq4)

Lovely head and expression, nice fill of chest, well boned, good top line and moved well for one so young. BPD; BPIS

2nd – Mirengo’s Mukuru

More substantial to 1st, nice masculine head, good top line, well ribbed however slightly unsettled on the move.

3rd –Tokwe Burdock & Dandelion


Junior Dog : 5 (0)

1st – Diamondridge Da Vinci

Masculine head balanced with round eye and correct ear set. Lovely length of neck. Good lay of shoulder, good fill of chest, correct ridge, good length of rib and loin, powerful hind quarters, moved well for one still so young. A well balance young man with a promising future ahead of him. RBD

2nd- Colkeririn’s Sunlight

Nice masculine head, good length of neck into shoulder, good topline and ridge. Good angulation and hindquarters.

3rd – Amahle Juma


Novice Dog : 4 (1)

1st- Diamondridge Da Vinci

2nd- Tokwe Curly Wurly (Ap4)

Another substantial boy, masculine head, well boned, good hind quarters, moved well when settled.

3rd –Tambyssa’s Ares


Post Graduate Dog: 7 (2)

1st: Villagedogs Magnificent Madison JW (IMP)

Very handsome fellow, lovely head and expression, balanced from head to tail. Moved sound and effortless in great condition. BD

2nd: Kiromol Khulani

Nice head type and proportion, good length of neck, good lay of shoulder, lovely profile, slightly unsettled on move.

3rd: Tokwe Curly Wurly (Ap4)


Limit Dog: 8 (3)

1st : Amahle Don’t Stop Me Now

Good depth of muzzle nice round eye, flat plane and correct ear carriage, balanced and moved well.

2nd: Harambee Ku Kyjo

Another handsome head, balanced dog with good ridge, movement was sound.

3rd – Veldtkammer Hot Shot Of Lonaza Sh Cm


Open dog: 5 (1)

1st Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW Sh.CM

Very handsome light wheaten male, good length of neck into a well laid shoulder, well balanced and proportionate fellow, great side profile on the move and great handling.

2nd: Diamondridge Damocles of Voortrekker.

Masculine head, deep chest, well boned and tight feet. Good length of loin, powerful rear quarters. Beaten by 1st on movement.

3rd :Ch Zenzele’s Chase The Ace JW


Veteran Dog: 5 (3)

1st: Voortrekker Sinoia

 8 ˝ year old light wheaten. Good depth of muzzle, correct ear setting, good fill in chest, good topline, good ridge, well proportioned hindquarters. Moved with pace and purpose for age. Well handled. A happy chap.

2nd: Sofala Saracen JW

Red wheaten male. 7 ˝ year handsome upstanding male with a good front, balanced length, good depth in thigh, well angulated hindquarters. Was not settled in movement.


Minor Puppy Bitch: 3 (3)


Puppy Bitch: 2 (1)

1st: Abayomi The Light Fantastic

Light wheaten bitch with lovely head. Correct eye colouration, good fill to chest, flat topline correct lovely ridge. Moved well. BPB


Junior Bitch: 5 (1)

1st Diamondridge Delightful

Red wheaten bitch, lovely head, good neck into shoulders, nice fill of chest. Well boned, good hard condition. Moved with true drive.

2nd: Priorpark Aphrodite

Light wheaten, female head, good fill of chest, good top line, moved well, 1st had more drive.

3rd: Colkeririn Indigo Lightly At Lonaza


Novice Bitch: 8 (1)

1st : Tokwe Truly Scrumptious

Lovely feminine head with a beautiful expression. Moved so well, light of foot and graceful. A well balanced bitch that could hunt all day.

2nd : Diamondridge Delightful

Just lost out to 1st however very close. Two lovely young ladies

3rd : Zejak Tuzi


Post Graduate Bitch: 10 (4)

1st : Tokwe Truly Scrumptious

2nd: Kiromol Garden party with Voortrekker

A well proportioned young lady, feminine head, nice length, good topline, correct ridge, good rear angulation. Moved well.

3rd: Kitoko Mabel



Limit Bitch: 7 (1)

1st: Harambee Ku Shani

Beautiful wheaten colour, feminine head with soft expression. Good forechest. Well proportioned and balanced girl. Moved really well around the ring.

2nd: Sofala Goodness Gracious

Feminine bitch with strong front and rear. In condition, tight feet, correct ridge and topline. 1st pipped her just on movement

3RD: Kiromol Kendi


Open Bitch: 8 (3)

1st: Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly

Pretty head and expression. Beautiful long swiping neck into shoulder when her head was extended. Depth of rib cage, balanced profile, moved with extension and drive. Well handled. RBB

2nd: Ch Kiromol Tallulah Belle JW

A very nice bitch, feminine head, well proportioned, good topline. Moved with purpose and grace. Handled well. Very close 1st and 2nd.

3rd : Nuthouse Martini


Veteran Bitch: 5 (1)

1st : Ch Am Grand Ch Veldtkammer Assie me Litely

This lady did not show her years. Her movement which was an effortless glide around the ring. Power and grace with sparkle. In perfect muscular condition, beautiful profile and balance. A happy lady who would be able to hunt day after day. BV, BB, BIS

2nd : Kiromol Kinuka

More substantial to 1st. This lady can move well at 9 years old. Put some of the young ones to shame. Still got her top line, well balanced lovely lady, good handling.


Puppy Class 3 (4)
1st Tokwe Little Dragon (Aq4)
2nd Mirengo's Mukuru
3rd Tokwe Burdock & Dandelion
Junior Dog 5 (5)
1st Diamondridge Da Vinci
2nd Colkeririn's Sunlight
3rd Amahle Juma
Res Tokwe Little Dragon (Aq4)
VHC Tokwe Burdock & Dandelion

Novice Dog 3(4)
1st Diamondridge Da Vinci
2nd Tokwe Curly Wurly (Ap4)
3rd Tambyssa's Ares
Post Graduate Dog 6 (8)
1st Villagedogs Magnificent Madison JW (Imp)
2nd Kiromol Khulani
3rd Tokwe Curly Wurly (Ap4)
Res Tambussa's Apollo
VHC Ozubi's Best Mate of Voortrekker
Limit Dog 5 (7)
1st Amahle Don't Stop Me Now
2nd Harambee Ku Kujo
3rd Veldtkammer Hot Shot of Lonaza Sh.CM
Res Imali Jawara At Nyassa
VHC Zejak Chibu
Open Dog 4 (5)
1st Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW Sh.CM
2nd Diamondridge Damocles Of Voortrekker
3rd Ch Zenzele's chase The Ace JW
Res Nuthouse Manhatton
Veteran Dog 2 (5)
1st Voortrekker Sinoia
2nd Sofala Saracen JW
Puppy Bitch 1 (2)
1st Abayomi The Light Fantastic
Junior Bitch 4 (5)
1st Diamondridge Delightful
2nd Priorpark Aphrodite
3rd Colkeririn Indigo Lightly At Lonaza
Res Amahle Thandeka
Novice Bitch 7 (8)
1st Tokwe Truly Scrumptious
2nd Diamondridge Delightful
3rd Zejak Tuzi
Res Tambyssa's Aphrodite
VHC Diamondridge Dances With Picklebee

Post Graduate Bitch 5 (5)
1st Tokwe Truly Scrumptious
2nd Kiromol Garden Party with Voortrekker
3rd Kitoko Mabele
Res Priorpark Aphrodite
VHC Diamondridge Dances With Picklebee

Limit Bitch 6 (7)
1st Harambee Ku Shani
2nd Sofala Goodness Gracious
3rd Kiromol Kendi
Res Kitoko Truly Madly Deeply At Tokwe
VHC Nuthouse Never Say Never
Open Bitch 5 (8)
1st Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly
2nd Ch Kiromol Tallulah Belle JW
3rd Nuthouse Martini
Res Diamondridge Prima Donna
VHC Sofala So Fantastique
Veteran Bitch 4 (5)
1st Ch Am Grand Ch Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely
2nd Kiromol Kinuka
3rd Ch Nyassa Caluua At Kitoko
Res Chigani Adeola of Inbajsha
Brace 2 (4)
1st Mr P Semansky & Miss Z Kaderabkova's Brace
2nd Mr P M & Mrs E P Storey & Mirs L Piehl's Brace
Brood Bitch 1 (1)
1st Kiromol Kinuka

Best in Show Ch Am Grand Ch Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely
Reserve Best in Show Villagedogs Magnificent Madison JW (Imp)
Best Puppy In Show Tokwe Little Dragon
Best Veteran In Show Ch Am Grand Ch Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely
RBD Diamondridge Da Vinci
RBB Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly