SRRA Championship Show 2017
The show was held on Sunday, 7th May 2017 at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park.
Our judge this year was Ms Anthea Fox (Sonstraal). Again the show is being sponsored by James Wellbeloved.
Best of breed and Best In Show Ch Kiromol Midsummer Spirit JW
Dog CC Fadil Nallah By Luanda For Tukela (Imp)
Dog RCC Shombay Dark Knight Rises
Bitch RCC Amahle Ayita of Matabelle
Best Puppy Carlincox First Edition
Best Veteran Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW Sh.CM

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog 3 (3)
1st Carlincox First Edition
2nd Carlincox First Encounter
3rd Carlincox First Impression
Class 2 Puppy Dog 2 (2)
1st Carlincox First Edition
2nd Carlincox First Encounter
Class 3 Junior Dog 5 (5)
1st Hesslewell Hearthrob
2nd Kinabula' Taking Chances
3rd Diamondridge Distant Dancer
Res Amahle Alo
VHC Diamondridge Distant
Class 4 Graduate Dog 1 (1)
1st Kitoko Wherever You Go
Class 5 Post Graduate Dog 8 (8)
1st Flying First Class Qwandoya With Kinabula (Imp)
2nd Nzawi Kaiser Chief
3rd Amahle Juma
Res Kiromol Kindred Spirit
VHC Rottzridge Mad About The Boy
Class 6 Mid Limit Dog 2 (3)
1st Gens Julia Toretto Always The First At Carlincox (Imp) JW
Eilack Impi
Class 7 Limit Dog 10 (11)
1st Fadil Nallah By Luanda For Tukela (Imp)
2 st Shombay Dark Knight Rises
3rd Kani Akilah Encane Hasani For Jengachenga
Res Mirengo's Mangula
VHC Chagall Akua
Class 8 Open Dog 4 (5)
1st Hespa Hermes JW
2nd Eilack Kito Kijani JW Sh.CM
3rd Colkeririn' Sunlight
Res Amahle Don't Stop Me Now
Class 9 Veteran Dog 4 (5)
1 st Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno Jw Sh.CM
2nd Mutoko's Mangusta
3rd Diamondridge Damocles Of Voortrekker
Res Sofala Sabo
Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch 6 (6)
1st Sweet Little Wallflower
2nd Carlincox First Class
3rd Carlincox First Love
Res Ridge' Star Esenia Li At
VHC Kuwinda Midnight Jasmine
Class 11 Puppy Bitch 5 (6)
1st Carlincox First Class
2nd Carlincox First Love
3rd Vkloof's Bongani Jin
Res Sofala Smart Jazz At Sansilver
VHC Kuwinda Midnight Jasmine
Class 12 Junior Bitch 5 (8)
1st Amahle Ayita Of Matabelle
2nd Hesslewell Heartbeat
3rd Fiadma Mrs Clause Nyekundo
Res Msingi Maarika For Jengachenga
VHC Amahle Aleshanee
Class 13 Graduate Bitch 6 (6)
1st Colkeririn Face To The Sun JW
2nd Nuthouse Boogie Oogie Oogie
3rd Orehamridge Moyo Alake
Res Kijivu's Kabisa
VHC Jelany Red Lindiwe in Xhosa
Class 14 Post Graduate Bitch 6 (9)
1st Fiadma Syleane Kijani
2nd Orehamridge Moyo Alake
3rd Rottzridge Me And My Girl
Res Ngirozi;s Heart And Soul
VHC Tokwe Truly Tickety Boo
Class 15 Mid Limit Bitch 1 (1)
1st Nzawi Just Flow With It
Class 16 Limit Bitch 9 (13)
1st Gabisa Woo Woo At Zougani JW
2nd Kinabula Young Gifted An Red
3rd Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose
Res Xalon Of Malabo Apd At Diamondridge
VHC Sofala Isabella Pearl
Class 17 Open Bitch 6 (7)
1st Ch Kiromol Midsummer Spirit JW
2nd Kiromol Kendi JW Sh.CM
3rd Ch Kinabula Bin There Dona That
Res Kamili Coat Of Many Colours
VHC Kijivu's Kharis
Class 18 Veteran Bitch 5 (6)
1st Ch Nyassa Caluua At Kitoko
2nd Neelanjali Premier Rose At Lilongwe
3rd Ch Kiromol Tallulaha Belle JW
Res Kitoko Good Golly Miss Molly
VHC Nuthouse Martini
Class 19 Breeders
1st Kiromol
2nd Amahle