The Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association Breed Open Show, Saturday 21st October 2017
Judge – Mr Mike House (Kemgordoni)
I would like to thank The Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association for their invitation to judge their 2017 Open Show. My sincere appreciation to the exhibitors for my entry and travelling to the show with the threat of Storm Brian on the horizon. Due to the high winds I felt it more suitable to judge indoors. With the aid of good matting I am pleased the majority of exhibits were not put off and showed well both standing and in movement. All dentition and ridges were of an acceptable standard with my critique placings, therefore these will not be mentioned individually. Temperaments were impeccable and I was extremely pleased with the overall quality making many decisions very difficult. Finally a big thank you to my two stewards who worked very quietly in the background keeping the ring running smoothly throughout the day.
BOB – Ms H Mansfield & Mr J Kirby – SHINGWIDSI TSHADI ROSE
CLASS 2 – PUPPY DOG (1,1a)
1st – no.1 – Mr D C & Mrs A J Barnard – CARLINCOX FIRST ENCOUNTER
A youngster not long out of puppy. A stylist dark r/wheaten with an attractive head showing clean lines, level planes, correct stop with good length & depth of muzzle. A strong shapely neck leading into a good slope of shoulder. Pleasing shape & length of ribbing. Enough bone for size standing on excellent strong high knuckled toes. On the whole movement was very controlled & steady. Still needs to fill into his frame and firm up which will come with maturity.
2nd – no.23 – Ms J Hawkins, Mr J W Smith, Mrs K G Hodge – ORACLE’S PROPHECY
Very similar age to no1 – Wheaten with a masculine head, a good width of skull, correct stop & strength of muzzle. Showing a gentle expression with a dark round eye framed by proportionate size of ear with good carriage. A strong fore chest, depth of brisket & quarters showing plenty of bone. A fun loving boy enjoying his day which did make his movement quite
erratic at times and made him carry his tail high. His gait is quite loose at present as he still has a lot of development to grow into which should not be rushed and will come in time.
1ST – no.1 – Mr D C & Mrs A J Barnard – CARLINCOX FIRST ENCOUNTER
2nd – no.23 – Ms J Hawkins, Mr J W Smith, Mrs K G Hodge – ORACLE’S PROPHECY
1st – no. 9 – Miss A Catley & Mr R Mcgimpsey – DIAMONDRIDGE DISTANT DANCR
Strong r/wheaten well up to size just shy of 2 yrs of age. Excellent head profile with clean lines, good lengths with strong cheek bone, depth of muzzle & ample underjaw & width of nostril. Gleaming dark round eye giving a very masculine but gentle expression. Leading into a muscular shapely reach of neck with adequate infill & depth of chest. A solid top line standing on a good blade of bone & muscle with strong high knuckled feet. Portraying strength within a sturdy & clean frame. Would prefer more slope in shoulder with length of upper arm which would give a more forward stride, nevertheless scored highly with controlled, light footed & accurate movement.
2nd – no. Mr B & Mrs A Maidment – AMAHLE ALO
20 month wheaten strong and handsome male. Very good head proportions with flat skull & clean level planes. Correct stop with a good length and depth of muzzle. Pleasing shoulder angulation & length of upper arm. A quality depth of brisket with a smooth underline & tuck up reaching into a strong loin. Well boned standing on correctly knuckled feet. Gait was strong & powerful. A very close call between no.1 which I felt on the day had the edge for overall strength & stamina.
CLASS 6 – LIMIT DOG (6,2a)
1st – no.13 – Miss L Deacon & Mr R Wilding – KIROMOL KINDRED SPIRIT
An impressive r/wheaten in a masculine & strong frame. Very pleasing head with strength in cheek bone, depth of muzzle & underjaw. A dark round eye giving a gentle expression with good size and ear carriage. Good strength and reach of neck onto correct layback of shoulder & length of upper arm. Ample infill of chest giving a good depth of ribbing & shape of underline. A strong forearm & very well boned standing on correct feet. A correct gentle rise over loin leading into a gentle slope of croup with a strong tail set. A shame his gait today was a little loose & showing a soft top line.
2nd – no. 6 – Mr M Brooker & Miss J Pyke – ROZELRIDGE’S GATE CRASHER
Mature 5 yrs wheaten well boned & muscled throughout. A strong neck into adequate infill of chest, good depth & length of ribbing with a well proportioned muscular loin. Correct slope of croup with a strong tail set. Sturdy rear quarters with a gentle bend in stifle standing on correct knuckled & shape of foot. Moved strong & soundly. However preferred the head profile & balanced quarters of no.1.
3rd – no. 39 – Mrs J Nolan – HARAMBEE KU KUJO SH.CM
Res Ozubi's Best Mate of Voortrekker
CLASS 7 – OPEN DOG (7,3a)
1st – no.2 – Mr K J & Mrs L A Barnes – CH DIAMONDRIDGE DA VINCI JW
4 yrs larger cast masculine r/wheaten. Giving great presence in the ring standing with confidence. Pleasing to the eye throughout from all quarters. Excellent head profile, well-proportioned planes, dark round eye, flat skull & powerful muzzle with a strong under jaw giving correct blunt end and ample width of nostril. Strong shapely reach of neck running into excellent slope of shoulder & forequarter angulation. Quality infill of chest, well balanced ribbing & loin with good angle & length of croup into strong rear quarters. Ample bone with strong front & rear pasterns standing on correct tight feet. Moved effortlessly & true with good reach & drive keeping a strong top line. A dog which has impressed me from a youngster & is now in his prime. BDIB
2nd – no. 8 – Mr H & Mrs C Catharell – FAAHAC FREE N’EASY JW SH. CM
Liver nosed of a different stamp to no. 1. Superb pigmentation of coat in gleaming condition. A clean head, good colour of eye, flat skull, good stop & powerful cheek muscle. Strong neck with good reach & shape. Pleasing depth of chest, quality of ribbing shape & length giving a clean underline & correct tuck up. A powerful back with good tail set & length of croup. Powerful well balanced quarters well-muscled & in hard condition. Quality of bone with strength in pasterns & correct tight knuckled feet. A picture of symmetry & moved out steady & true, just preferred the reach & drive of no. 1 – RBDIB
3rd –no.18 – Mr A P & Mrs S A Geeves – CH ROSERIDGE ROYAL ROMEO
Res Veldtkammer hot Shot OF Lonaza
1st – no. Mrs L Piehl’ s – CH KIROMOL KUBWA MNO JW SH.CM
An upstanding light wheaten of 8.5yrs. Masculine clean head & powerful muzzle with the most appealing dark round gentle eye. Good infill of chest, depth of ribbing into a powerful loin giving a pleasing underline. Well-muscled correct layback of shoulder & return of upper arm. Standing on quality bone with well-developed rear quarters. Covered the ground with ease. A pleasure to award him BVIB
2nd – no. 27 – Mrs C R Kapma-Saunders – DIAMONDRIDGE BELLADONIS
R/Wheaten impressive quality hound heading in to his 8th year, well up to size. Masculine head with kind expression, dark round eye with a good depth of stop. Good angulations with well-made quarters & ample width to first & second thigh. Moved with accuracy & with a light footed gait.
3rd – no. 37 – Mrs G & Mr P Mitchelson – DIAMONDRIDGE DAMOCLES OF VOORTREKKER
Res IMbali Jawarra at Nyassa
1st – Miss J Pyke & Mr M Brooker – JENGACHENGA DERRIERE MOI
R/wheaten 10 month old standing alone today. A balanced feminine head with a good stop, length of muzzle, accompanied with a dark round eye softening her expression. A little more underjaw would be preferred. Pleasing angulation, width & strength in quarters for age. Sound forequarters & infill of chest into quality length of ribbing. Top line soft & bum high in rear at present while she is going through her development. Would prefer a tighter foot which I hope will improve with time. Movement showed a lot of promise once she got into her stride. Overall a pleasing youngster needing time to grow and firm up into her frame. BPIB
R/wheaten of 14 months with very well balanced proportions on strong quarters. A pretty head with clean lines showing strength through cheek bone & muzzle. Good ear carriage with appealing round eye. A good width & infill of chest giving depth in brisket with a smooth underline into tuck up. Adequate bone with good width of first & second thigh, well let down hocks with correct knit of bone on feet. Moved out true & steady, although would prefer a little more forward stride.
2nd – no. 52 – Mr & D J Seaman – SOFALA SMART JAZZ AT SANSILVER
16 month wheaten showing a more rangy outline. Very pleasing to the eye with a good length in head planes & muzzle. Good height to length ratio in body with correct slope of shoulder, however would prefer a little more length to upper arm. A strong clean neck into ribbing well back, quality width of hind quarters well into second thigh. Impressed a lot, however at present preferred no.1 for overall symmetry.
3rd – no.7 – Mr M Brooker & Miss J Pyke – RIDGE’S STAR ESENIA LI AT ROZELRIDGE NAF
1st – no. 34 – Mr B & Mrs A Maidment – AMAHLE ALESHANEE
R/wheaten quality hound of 20 months showing strength throughout. Pleasing head with a gentle expression with good ear set & dark eye. Strong neck & shape of nape leading smoothly into excellent forequarters. A strong front with quality infill, deep brisket well to the elbow with good shape & length of ribbing. Well balanced hind quarters with good width running well into second thigh. Standing on quality bone with strength in pastern. Well shaped and knuckled feet. Moved strong & purposeful. Very impressive & pushed hard for one of the top honours.
2nd – no. 56 – Mr P M & Mrs E P Storey & Mrs L Piehl – KIROMOL KIONI
3 & half yr r/wheaten – well proportionate feminine head with clean lines & with the most appealing dark round eye. Exceptional length to head planes & shape of muzzle with good ear carriage & stop. Dry neck with good reach and shape. Well balanced quarters with adequate bone which gave a true & light gait.
23 month r/wheaten smart looking bitch with very clean lines and well balanced height to length ratio. The most attractive feminine head profile with dark round eye. Strong cheek bone with correct defined stop into a powerful dry muzzle ending with a blunt outline & good width of nostril. A strong neck flowing effortlessly into correct forequarters. Perfectly straight forelegs with quality blade of bone. Good shape & length of ribbing giving a pleasing underline & tuck up. Strong rear quarters with gentle angulation & low hocks. Movement showed good drive, a shame she was pulling away from her handler in the challenge.
2nd – no. 35 – Mr B & Mrs A Maidment – KIROMOL SWEET SPIRIT FOR AMAHLE
2 yrs & 4 month old r/wheaten. Very strong with well-balanced feminine outline. Clean head shape with a good width of skull & strength in muzzle. Shapely dry reach of neck into good forequarters. Adequate infill with quality depth of ribbing & balanced hindquarters. Moved true showing strength in pasterns fore & aft.
3rd – no. 40 – Mrs J Nolan – HARAMBEE KU SHANI SH.CM
Res Gunthwaite Kiss' Tell At Chainama
CLASS 15 – OPEN BITCH (6,2a)
1st – no.36 – Ms H Mansfield & Mr K Kirby – SHINGWIDSI TSHADI ROSE
Strong with feminine lines wheaten just shy of 3 yrs & heading into her prime. So pleasing to the eye with clean flowing lines throughout & nothing overdone. Pleasing head with equal planes, flat skull, a good ear set & dark eye. A powerful dry neck sweeping into strong well angulated forequarters. Ample infill of chest & depth of brisket with ribbing well back finished off with a gentle curve of underline carriage. Powerful back & solid muscular loin into correct slope of croup & tail set. Standing on well-proportioned size of bone. Well balanced rear quarters showing gentle curves & good width well into second thigh. Moved out with drive from both quarters. Delighted to award her BBIB / BOB
2nd – no. 58 – Mr P M & Mrs E P Storey & Mrs L Piehl – CH. KIROMOL MIDSUMMER SPIRIT JW
R/wheaten younger bitch of 2 yrs & 2 months of age. Appealing head with flat skull, depth of stop, strong cheeks with a powerful clean muzzle finishing with correct blunt end & ample width of nostril. Impressive reach & shape of neck with good infill of chest & depth of ribbing. Strong top line with correct gentle rise over loin into a good slope & length of croup. Quality bone & shape of blade with well knuckled toes .Scored highly in movement covering the ground with ease & power. A well-deserved RBBIB
3rd – no. 57 – Mr P M & Mrs E P Storey & Mrs L Piehl – KIROMOL KENDI JW SH.CM
Res Diamondridge Prima Donna
1st – no. 60 – Mr P M & Mrs E P Storey & Mrs L Piehl – CH KIROMOL TALLULAH BELLE JW
A beautiful quality 8 & half yrs wheaten. So feminine but equally strong & powerful in construction. Good head planes & muzzle with the most appealing large dark round eye. A good infill of chest with correct ribbing into well-muscled loin giving a very gentle curve in underline. Standing on strong bone & pasterns. Well-muscled & lean rear quarters with low set hocks. Altogether enabled her to move so effortlessly with power & grace. A pleasure to judge & pushed so hard for Best Veteran.
2nd – no. 65 – Miss S A Ward – DANSE DU FEU’S DEEP SECRET
Wheaten very close to her 9th Birthday! Delightful head expression with a good depth of stop, strong muzzle & large dark round eye. Strong quarters with good angulations & width in first & second thigh, and well let down hocks. Very endearing & standing so calm & assured in the ring. A credit to her owner!
CLASS 17 – STUD DOG (no entries)
1st – no. 60 – Mr P M & Mrs E P Storey & Mrs L Piehl – CH KIROMOL TALLULAH BELLE JW
CLASS 19 – BRACE (4,2a)
1st – Mr B & Mrs A Maidment
2nd – Mr P M & Mrs E P Storey & Mrs L Piehl