Gone missing


* Don't assume someone is going to find the dog and return it to you.
* Don't assume that the Police, Dog Warden, Vet, Rescue Organisation will inform you if they find your dog even if it does have a collar tag or micro-chip.
* There is no central list of lost dogs. Give the details of your dog to all the Police stations, Vets, Dog Wardens and Rescue Centres within at least a 50 mile radius of where you lost your dog.
* *Ask at all the local newsagents and Post Offices near to where you lost the dog in case someone has mentioned it.
* Check with the drivers at the taxi rank. They drive around the local area day and night so are likely to see stray dogs wandering about. 
* Make up some posters preferably with a colour photograph (find someone with a computer and colour printer or a colour photocopier). Give these to the postman and milkman in the area. They cover the area slowly so are likely to see stray dogs wandering about. 
* If there are farms near where you lost the dog check whether your dog has been seen. Ask to check outbuildings, barns, etc as these are comforting places for a dog to shelter.
* Keep checking with the above even if you have done so several times already.


To new owners:
Never ever think you place is secure enough, you need to keep checking and not get complacent, if there is that wee gap to have a look though it is also a potential escape zone. Enjoy every moment you are lucky enough to have."