Though intangible, character and temperament are more real and lasting than physical excellence, essential though the latter may be. For every ridgeback that wins show prizes there are hundreds which are treasured, trusted companions.
Major T.C. Hawley, 1957
SRRA is arranging a yearly Championship Show in May and an Open Show in October.
Open Shows: These are held all year round sometimes indoors sometimes outside or a combination of both. Show schedules are posted out to members prior to the show, exhibitors then complete the entry form, enclose their payment and post back to the Show Secretary before a specified closing date. Entry fees are often in the range of 3-5 for the first class with a reduced fee for subsequent classes with the same dog. The schedule will list the classes available and the definitions of classes.
RBIS at the Open Show 2007, judged by Peter Broadbent, was Diamondridge Dalila 
Championship Shows: More experienced exhibitors usually find themselves competing at Championship level with a view to possibly winning the coveted CC (Challenge Certificate). A dog needs 3 CCs awarded by 3 different judges in order to gain the title of Champion; a dog with this title then has CH put before its name. These shows attract very large entries and for Ridgebacks it is not uncommon to have more than 100 dogs at a show. The classes are split into Dog and Bitch classes and entrance fees are on average about 18 for the first class and approximately 2 for any subsequent class with the same dog. Breed Championship shows are often unbenched and more relaxed.
BIS at the Championship Show 2007 was Ms C. Young's Ch Sonstraal Christmas Eve at Kazval