The SRRA Open Show 20th October 2002

Judge Ms Pat Sutton
BIS Sue Craigie's homebred UK & FCI INT CH Imbali Azizi
and BOS Lena Piehl's Matabelle Messenger

BIS with judge in the background
Junior bitch Jenni Morris' Bruet Song at Kasenga 

Junior dog Matabelle Monsonedi

Limit bitch Kiromol Kizazi

Limit dog Saragwe Hodari Jambaro
Post graduate bitch Kiromol Kianga and second in post grad. Matabelle Moulin Rouge
Post graduate dog Barnes' Diamondridge Desperado
Reserve best dog Tim Mansfield's Nallim Unqaza
Judge's report: 
PD (2) 1st Hunt & Bastable's Thokozani Free Spirit. Smart baby with very good quarters which enabled him to move with drive. He has a very good shoulder placement but at the moment moves rather loosely in front. Needs to strengthen in head.
JD (2) 1st Whittington's Matabelle Monsonedi. Liked his head and expression. Strong boned youngster with good feet, slightly short in upper arm, good topline but appears a little long in the loin at the moment; 2nd Gren's Moshoeshoe of Lesotho. Darker coloured very sloping through the croup with spoils his topline.
ND (5) 1st Moshoeshoe of L; 2nd Dunlop's Kuwinda Tiger. Bright personality who moved with sparkle, inclined to carry his tail very high. PGD (3) 1st Bames'Diamondridge Desperado. Upstanding dog, well muscled with good bone and feet. Good shoulders and deep through his ribs. Well balanced dog who moved with strength.
LD (6) 1st Brownlee's Saragwe Hodari Jambaro. Moved with balance, he has a lovely shoulder with good bone and feet. Very strong through the ribs and loin; 2nd Coyne's Ozubi's Jonagold. Another good stamp who moved well, not the winner's length of neck. OD (4) 1st Piehl's Matabelle Messenger. 8 year old tall upstanding dog who is still a really lovely shape down to his toes. Best Dog. 2nd Mansfield's Nallim Ungaza. Another smart dog who moved well, very good through his front, drops away through the croup. Reserve Best Dog.
VD (4) 1st Matabelle Mozart. Lovely old dog 10.5 years. Smaller type but very well balanced.

PB (6) 1st Ellis's Zejak Zuruu. Quality baby who moved the soundest, she has good points all round and I am sure will go on. Best Puppy; 2nd Morrison's Zejak Zilzaa. Litter sister to above. Very similar just at the moment rather weak in pasterns.
JB (5) 1st Morris'Bruet Song at Kasenga. Very sound, well balanced youngster, wonderful feet and limbs, bone with quality; 2nd Warde's Bruet Ruby Tuesday. Litter sister to above. Another very smart sort. Moving a bit loosely in front here.
NB (6) 1st B. Song at K; 2nd Brownlee's Kiromol Kanzi. Quality young lady, a little narrow through herself at the moment and needs to strengthen behind.
PGB (8) 1st Storey's Kiromol Kianga. Strong sort of bitch, a very good mover with excellent topline. Good head, she has a lovely shoulder and is well balanced throughout; 2nd Simper's Matabelle Moulin Rouge. Another very smart quality bitch. Moved very soundly.
LB (6) 1st Storey's Kiromol Kizazi. Quality bitch with good bone and feet. Moved soundly with a very good topline. Reserve Best Bitch. 2nd Raymond's Diamondridge Dancing with Sofala. Another good mover. Very sound bitch. A little plainer in the head than 1.
OB (5) 1st Craigie's Imbali Azizi. Lovely quality bitch, very sound and balanced on the move. She held her topline well and impressed me with her fluent movement. Best Bitch and Best in Show; 2nd Bowden's Rejan Tamba. Good type again well constructed but did not appreciate the surface in the hall.
VB (4) 1st Simper's Ch. Matabelle Mercedes. 8 year old who still moves very freely. Best Veteran; 2nd Wright's Zejak Zao. 10 year old. Still in good shape.
Stud Dog (3) 1st Craigie's Ch Imbali Kipenzi JW. Wonderfully well balanced dog on the move. A real athlete, good quality hed and expression. Lovely length of neck into well placed shoulders, very good topline: 2nd Mansfield's Nallim Ungaza. Brood (2) 1st Bames'Diamondridge Royal Gold. Brace 1st Storey's; 2nd Craigie's.
Pat Sutton (Judge)