SRRA Open Show 18th October 2003

Judge Vivienne Phillips (Debucher)

Best in Show Raymond's Ch & IR Ch Diamondridge Dancing with Sofala
 Best Opposite Sex Barnes' Diamondridge Desperado JW

Best Veteran and Best Brood Bitch Barnes' Diamondridge Royal Gold
Veteran Dog Raymond's Ch Tukela Umgaza at Sofala
Best puppy in Show Throsell's Kiromol Kasidi at Kaskazini

Best dog puppy Piehl's Kiromol Kazana
Limit Dog Coyne's Ozubi's Jonagold
2nd Limit Dog Mansfield & Whittington Matabelle Monsonedi of Huntersleap
Limit Bitch Simper's Matabelle Moulin Rouge
Second Open Bitch Morris' Ch Bruet Song of Kasenga
Post Graduate Bitch Saunders' Bruet Maggie May
Veteran Dog Raymond's Ch tukela Umgaza at Sofala
Second Veteran Dog Piehl's Matabelle Messenger
Second Veteran Bitch Simper's Ch Matabelle Mercedes
1st Barnes
2nd Brownlee
Paul Storey on the move
Veteran boys relaxing at ringside

I would like to thank the SRRA for their invitation to judge their Open Show and for the wonderful hospitality on the day. The weather was fine, if a little autumnal and we managed to have the entire day outside which is so much better for a large strong moving breed. I was delighted to discover that my Best Bitch and Best Dog are litter brother and sister and that my Best Puppy dog and bitch were also brother and sister and by the Best Dog. Best Veteran in show was the dam of my principal winners. On the whole presentation was good with a few dirty dogs and some very dirty teeth. Temperaments on the whole were good but there were some grumbles and a few exhibits were quite apprehensive in the ring.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1st Piehl's Kiromol Kazana. Upstanding male who does not need to grow on. At present very immature and rather narrow in front. Good skull and pleasing head and eye. Well made with good ribbing but needs to drop into his forequarters. Strong hindquarters. Moved well for a youngster. Well handled. Best Puppy Dog.
2nd Hunt & Bastable Imbali Heshima. Smaller male, well dropped and good headed. Needs to tighten up in front.

Puppy Dog (2)
1st Throssell's Kaskaszini Sayan Kotor. Liked this 10 month old male for type. Lovely colour, good ridge. Strong muzzle. Good head and eye. Strong in front good shoulders, neck and feet. Well balanced in profile and moved well. His ribbing is weak and not sufficiently rounded.

Junior Dog (1)
1st Bowlus'Sofala Jefferson. 17 month old dog. Balanced but would prefer more of him for a male. Nice head showing a bit of wrinkle. Feet and shoulders good. Ribbing going well back. Moved quite well, balanced in outline.

Novice Dog (2)
1st Jollie's Hekaya Tacuma. Pale dog. Would not let me look at his mouth. He was a little weak in muzzle. Head planes OK. Good shoulders. Good feet. Ribbing sufficient, could go further back. Difficult to assess movement as he was rather unsettled.

Post Graduate Dog (3)
1 st Ellis' Zejak Zuri Miko. I liked the outline of my second here but he was not very happy to be here. My winner has a nice head, a little wrinkle. Good feet strong neck and good shoulders. Ridge OK. Very good topline. Well ribbed and strong hindquarters.

Limit Dog (6)
Not an easy class to judge.
1st Coyne's Ozubi's Jonagold. My winner here has a balanced outline and good neck and shoulders. He has a strong head. Good ears and a good ridge, good feet and hindquarters, strong in movement. Well let down correct ribbing. Reserve Best Dog.
2nd Mansfield & Whittington Matabelle Monsonedi of Huntersleap. Pleasing head and eye. Strong front movement and well let down with good ribbing going well back.
Open Dog (5)
1st Barnes' Diamondridge Desperado JW. This 2 year old male won his class with some to spare. I judged him as a puppy and he has fulfilled all promise. Fine upstanding male with good head and strong muzzle and correct ear and eye. Strong neck flowing into excellent forequarters. Good feet. Excellent in body, hindquarters, ribbing and movement. Correct ridge. Very well muscled. Best Dog and RBIS.
2nd Raymond's Sofala Sebakwe. 3 year old male, shorter caste. Moved very freely. Nicely constructed, would prefer a little more of him for a male.
3rd Mansfield's Nallim Unqaza.
Veteran Dog (4)
Very nice class of "oldies" all of whom could still move very well.
1st Raymond's Ch. Tukela Umgaza at Sofala. Excellent nine year old, beautiful example of the breed, carrying his age so well. Good alert expression. Good neck and shoulders. Excellent construction throughout. Better ribbing than some of the youngsters. Really enjoyed his day.
2nd Peihl's Matabelle Messenger. Anther lovely example, good shoulders, neck and feet. Balanced outline. Just a bitter stiffer behind.
3 Piehl's Matabelle Mozart.
Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
Two very nice young bitches. Second was rather apprehensive today. I understand that this was her first show.
1st Throsell's Kiromol Kasidi at Kaskazini. Lovely youngster who excels in type. Good shoulders and lovely neck. Feet could be tighter. Good body and ribcage. Good ridge. Strong quarters, moved extremely well, expertly handled. Best Puppy
2nd Craigie's Imbali Kisura. Lovely puppy with better feet than the winner. Lovely head and eye and very good shoulders. Could have a longer neck. She is well constructed throughout. Unfortunately a little shy today.
Junior Bitch (7)
Temperaments in this class were not brilliant. My winner won this class with ease.
1st Storey's Kiromol Kulula. Lovely headed bitch with good muzzle. Nice feet and excellent shoulders and ribbing. Good ridge. Strong hindquarters and beautifully presented. Pushed hard for Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Adderley & Jones Kylini ljspy. Free moving bitch. Nice head but would prefer more underjaw. Good eye and ear. Well let down, good feet and ribbing.
3rd Warde's Diamondridge Dreaming.
Novice Bitch (6)
1st K ljspy.
2nd Saunders' Bruet Brown-Eyed Girl. Nicely made bitch, lacking in temperament. Moved quite well.
3rd Sabula Toggi.
Post Graduate Bitch (8)
Quite a strong class, though front movement on some was not as free as I like.
1st Saunders' Bruet Maggie May. Nicely balanced bitch with good head and eye. Good ears. Well let down, strong forequarters and feet. Moved well and freely.
2nd Crunden & Strickland's Diamondridge Debut at Voortrekker. Beautiful coloured bitch. Movely freely. Good head and eye, quite good feet. Ridge a little wide. Strong hindquarters.
3rd Warde's Bruet Ruby Tuesday.
Limit Bitch (5)
Class of three excellent bitches. Close decision between 1 & 2. Both had very good heads and strong necks and shoulders.
1st Simper's Matabele Moulin Rouge. Very good front on this bitch, super bunched feet. Strong body with excellent ribbing and hindquarters. Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Storey's Kiromol Kianga. Lovely bitch but not as happy in the ring here. 3`d Lo Nigro's Zejak Zuri Zamoosh.
Open Bitch (8)
Lovely class of quality bitches. My first and second pushed each other hard and could swap placed on another day.
1st Raymond's Ch. Ir. Ch. Diamondridge Dancing with Sofala. Excellent bitch oozing quality, got better and better the more she moved. Strong head and excellent front and shoulders. Lovely neck and ribbing. Strong muscled hindquarters. Moved very well and her faultless front movement won on the day. Best Bitch. BOB and Best in Show.
2nd Morris' Ch. Bruet Song of Kasenga. Another top class bitch. Good head and neck. Excellent construction throughout. Moved very well, not quite as strong in the front on the final run as my winner.
3rd Barnes' Diamondridge Destiny.
Veteran Bitch (7)
1st Barnes' Diamondridge Royal Gold. Beautiful 8 year old lady. Excellent condition, represents a good example of the breed. So well constructed throughout with correct head planes and strong quarters. Moved so freely, belying her age. Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Simper's Ch. Matabelle Mercedes. 9 year old. Beautiful bitch with marvellous outline and construction. A little stiff behind so had to give way to age.
3rd Craigie's Imbali Hususa.
Stud Dog
1st Diamondridge Desperado 2nd Ch. Tukela Umgaza at Sofala. 3`d Nallim Umquaza.
Brood Bitch
1st Diamondridge Royal Gold. 2nd Imbali Hususa.
1st Barnes. 2nd Brownlee.