Championship Show 7 May 2006

Judge Jenny Startup
BIS & Best Veteran Craigie's UK, Int & Ir Ch. Imbali Kipenzi JW
BOS Cairns' Rooinek Tintaglia
RCC Brownlee's Saragwe Hodari Jambaro
RCC Storey's Ir Ch Kiromol Kianga
BP Parson's Prior Park Yetunde

I would like to thank the club for their hospitality on the day and all their help and support in the past.


MPD (3,1a)
1. Nolan's Harambee Zondelela. Real baby but very scopey. Good head. Reach of neck. Sloping shoulders with good depth for age and rear angulation to match front. Moved well in profile.
2. Wilding & Deacon's Kiromol Kalou. Lighter type. Moderate shoulders with good body for age and rear angulation to fit the front. Narrower head than the first.

PD (5,1a)
1. Simper's Matabelle Doyen. Heavier type. Medium head. Good neck into shoulders with well developed body for age. Good turn of stifle. Bone to ground with tight feet. Moved with drive. Best Puppy Dog.
2. Perham's Mwengas Dutch Courage. Lighter dog. Head a tad wide but good neck. Moderate shoulders. Good length and depth for age. Moved well.
3rd Conroy's Fizzy Mooncrest.

JD (3)
1st Webster's Ngoma Uzuri. Real baby. Nice head. Long neck. Good top line and length. Moderate shoulder and turn of stifle. Good feet. Moved well.
2nd Wellman's Nuthouse Fanclub. Heavier dog. Head in proportion. Good neck length. Heavier on shoulder. Wide in front. Good hind quarters.

GD (6,1a)
1. Wentink's Tsjakka Stan. Nice rectangular dog. Good head, neck, topline and depth to length. Best shoulder in class. Rear angulation to match. Good feet and bone. Moved with good profile movement.
2. Locke's Hazi Mushudu at Wingsdancin. Wider in head. Long neck. Immature in body but has good length, bone and feet.
3. Riches' Nallim Umlawuli.

PGD (6) A lot of short croups and high tail sets.
1. Carlton's Umhlandla Luwamba JW.
 Smaller duck of quality. Good head, neck, topline, ribbing and depth. Moved true but needed more length to stride.
2. Storey's Kiromol Its Now or Never.
 Big upstanding dog. Strong neck. Good ribbing and depth, bone and feet.
3. Davis' Imola Integrale.

OD (10,2a)
1. Smith's Evergraces Magic Maestro at Lilongwe (Imp).  Good houndy head with long strong neck into long body with good ribbing and good turn of stifle. Shoulder good but could have a better return of upper arm. Good bone and feet. Moved well.
2. Dunn's Ch. Sikulubani Sebakwe to Tukela. Good head, neck and length with angulation to match. Heavy bone with good feet. Would prefer longer croup and lower tailset. Moved well.
3. Bowlus' Sofala Jefferson.

VD (4,1a) The best class of the day.
1. Craigie's UK, Int & Ir Ch. Imbali Kipenzi JW. My ideal of a ridgeback. Beautiful head. Long muscular neck. Best of shoulder and return of upper arm. Moderate ribs but with good depth and length. Firm topline, good croup and tailset. Standing on heavy bone with well arched feet. Turn of stifle to match shoulders. Movement a joy to watch. True coming and going, free and active. CC, BIS & Best Veteran.
2. Brownlee's Saragwe Hodari Jambaro. Similar in type to 1st but slightly bigger all over. Two top dogs. RCC.

PB (5,2a)
1. Parson's Prior Park Yetunde. Quality bitch. Good head, long neck. Well laid shoulder, depth for age, length of body. Rear angulation matched shoulder. Moved very well. BP.
2. Barton's Trendsetter Dara of Mwafrika. Finer type. Good head, neck, length to height. Good shoulder and rear angulation but shorter in upper arm than 1st.
3. Askew's Shemshi Malika.

JB (10,2a)
1. Galton's Chigani Jamila. Scopey bitch. Good head, length of neck into topline and turn of stifle. Moved well.
2. Craigie's Harvesttrail Kiera of Imbali. Different type. Good neck, shoulder, ribbing and turn of stifle. Moved with drive.
3. Hargreaves' Kiromol Kasabu.

GB (5,2a)
1. Burgess' Nyassa Alana at Msulwa. Bitch with the best of shoulders and return of upper arm. Good head and neck, topline and ribbing for age. Moved very freely.
2. Scott's Matabelle Mystique. Heavier type. Shorter all throughout but good angulation and depth. Heavy bone.
3. Cairn's Rooinek Rani.

PGB (8,1a)
1. Dawes & Brennan's Adanmira Bahiyah. Feminine bitch. Good head, neck, adequate shoulders. Good depth and length of body. Turn of stifle to match shoulders. Moved ok.
2. Parry's Matabelle Band of Gold.  Liver. Chunkier but all in balance. Good neck, shoulders and ribbing. Heavy bone. Well made feet.
3. Lo Nigro & Rice's Thokozani Tanisha at Imbali.

MLB (3)
1. Turner's Lobengula Lwena of Diamondridge. Good head, neck, shoulder, ribbing and length. Heavy bone. Good feet. A bit of over angulated behind. Moved well.
2. Barnes' Diamondridge Misty Dawn. Bigger heavier type bitch. Long neck. Good shoulder, ribbing and length. Maybe a bit short in upper arm. Heavy boned to ground. Moved well with reach and drive.
3. Farleigh's Htimsa Mfanta Ipea at Kinabula.


LB (8,1a)
1. Nash's Mirengo Maiya with Mutoko JW. Stood out i this class. Long strong neck into good shoulders and forechest, good depth to height ratio, turn of stifle matching shoulder. Moved well.
2. Storey's Kiromol Kulula. Very houndy in head. Good neck, topline,  tailset and quarters. Heavy bone. Good feet.
3. Fawcus' Adaeze Akiki Blossom.


OB (8,1a)
1. Cairns' Rooinek Tintaglia. The type I like. Good head, strong neck into well laid shoulders and long ribbing, bone to ground, standing on good feet. Moved true, not over exaggerated but a good working type. CC.
2. Storey's Ir Ch Kiromol Kianga. One I have always liked. Good head. Strong neck. Sloping shoulders. Firm topline. Good ribbing, well laid back with depth. Rear angulation to match. Moved with drive. RCC.
3. Simper's Matabelle Moulin Rouge.
VB (6,1a) A lovely class of older girls. All moved well and with drive.
1. Barnes' Diamondridge Deja Vu. Quality bitch with good head, long neck, nice shoulders, heavy bone, good ribbing and turn of stifle.
2. Davis' Imola Indianapolis. The same remarks apply but I found her a little over angulated behind.
3. Green's Sheemar Attraction.
Special Breeder's Stakes (1)
1. Barnes' (Diamondridge). Well matched. Moved round the ring well and all looked typey and well matched.

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