SRRA Open Show 2005

Joan Boyd - Judge of Dogs
Peter Jolley - Judge of Bitches
Best in Show Diamondridge Debut at Voortrekker
Reserve BIS and Best Veteran Saragwe Hodari Jambaro

Best Puppy
Harvesttrail Kiera of Imbali

Junior bitch Burgess' Nyassa Alana at Msulwa

Best in Show

Open dog
1: Barnes’ Ch Diamondridge Donatello (JW)
2: Whittington & Mansfield’s Matabelle Monsonedi at Huntersleap

"I really enjoyed my judging appointment. All the dogs had wonderful temperaments and I was on the receiving end of a couple of friendly face washes. I found just one suspect bite. "
Joan Boyd
"My thanks to the Club for this invitation to Judge Bitiches at the Club Show.  My thanks to all the exhibitors who took my decisions well.  I had a fantastic day and will remember for a long time.  Special thanks to my steward who had so much help from her daughter.  To both of you a big thank you." 
Peter Jolley
Minor Puppy Dog (4)
1: Buckley’s Lobengula Archie – Wheaten, 9 months rangy puppy, good front and head, good shoulder, needs to drop in brisket. Correct ridge, nice length of body, moved well
2: Hewson & Worthy’s Rekaylahn Phoenix – 6 months puppy, smaller than 1, pleasing head and front, correct ridge, nice lay of shoulder, good proportions. Moved okay.
3: Webster’s Ngoma Uzuri
Puppy Dog (2)
1: Buckley’s Lobengula Archie
2: Fuller’s Nyuki Hot Gossip – 10 months, good head, muzzle and forechest. Today he stood a little wide in front and inclined to elbow out.
Junior Dog (6 – 2 abs)
1: Wentzell’s Imbali Ubora – rising 18 months, light wheaten, lovely head and eye. Good front and lay of shoulder, elbows close to body. Good ridge and quarters. A well balanced youngster who moved well.
2: Locke’s Hazi Mushudu at Wingsdancin – 13 months, good head, nice length of body. Would like more fill in front and bend of stifle which might improve with maturity.
3: Jones’ Batonka Sandman
Novice Dog (4 – 1 abs)
1: Deacon & Wilding’s Kiromol Kivivu – Beautiful head with dark mask. Lovely front and lay of shoulder. Good ridge, good bend of stifle. Lovely length of body. Moved well.
2: Jones’ Batonka Sandman – Stood a bit wide in front, lay of shoulder okay. Correct ridge and good quarters.
3: Mullin’s Kiromol Kayin.
Post Grad (1)
Deacon & Wilding’s Kiromol Kato – very strong head, a little too long in body. Proud of his tail. Powerful quarters and lovely ridge.
Limit Dog (2)
1: Storey’s Kiromol It’s Now or Never – Strong masculine head, lovely front and lay of shoulder. Good length of body with good bend of stifle. Correct ridge. Moved  effortlessly and true with a long stride. Really strong topline which he kept on the move. A balanced dog.
2: Smith’s Evergraces Magic Maestro at Lilongwe (imp) – Pleasing head. Good body length, with correct ridge and crowns. Appeared to be a little close behind today
Open Dog (8 – 1 abs)
1: Barnes’ Ch Diamondridge Donatello (JW) – Dark red wheaten, powerfully built balanced dog with strong head and good front. Excellent lay of shoulder. Correct ridge and crowns. Excellent strong quarters which he used to good effect with a long effortless stride.
2: Whittington & Mansfield’s Matabelle Monsonedi at Huntersleap – Light wheaten with gorgeous masculine head. Good front, lovely length of body with correct ridge and crowns. Well balanced. Moved well, but not with his usual sparkle.
3: Craigie’s GB, Intl & Ir Ch. Imbali Kipenzi (JW)
Veteran Dog (4 – 1 abs)
1: Brownlee’s Saragwe Hodari Jambaro – Light wheaten 8 year old, lovely head and neck leading into good front. Excellent lay of shoulder. Good length of body, well muscled up. A balanced dog who moved with enthusiasm and an effortless long stride. Not at all showing his years.
2: Raymond’s Ch Tukela Umgaza at Sofala – Light wheaten of 11 years. Classic head, beautiful front with good lay of shoulder. Good length of body, level topline which he kept on the move. Moved well for his years. He brought a tear to my eye.
3: Mansfield’s Nallim Umgaza.
Minor puppy Bitch (8-1abs)
1: Craigie' Harvestrail Kiera of Imbali.  Nice size puppy, correct ridge.  Good Topline, Excellent bone.  Very good type Best Puppy and Best Puppy in Show.
2: Salmon, Lobengula Selous.  Very pleasing on the eye, very good topline and super feet.
3: Galton, Chigani Jamila
Puppy Bitch (6+3-4abs)
1: Johnson' Kiromol Kiada.  Good outline, weel off for bone, correct head proportions.  Dark eye, good feet.  Correct rising topline with good angles front and rear.
2: Fullers' Nyuki Hot Shot.  Another good young hound of nice type not so good as No. 1 on the move.
3: Galton, Chigani Jamila

Junior Bitch (4+2 - 2 abs)
1: Burgess' Nyassa Alana at Msulwa.  Good head planes, dark eye, strong neck and front assembly, nice depth of chest and brisket.  Powerful on the move.
2: Raymond's Sofala Saffron Spice.  Well balanced, good outline, not so much front extension on the move.
3: Digby's Chigani Adeola

Novice Bitch (4+2-5 abs)
1: Digby's Chigani Adeola.  Nice head, full dentition, moves ok needs to carry more body

Post Grad (5-3 abs)
1: Le Nigro/Rice's Thokozani Tanisha at Imbali.  Well balanced head, good neck and front assembly, excellent temperament.  Superb bone with good feet and a very good ridge.  Moved with grace and good front extension.
2: Brownlee's Jambaro Goddess Athena,  Good head and ears.  I would like a darker eye.  Good size and outline.  Nice mover

Limit Bitch (5-2abs)
1: Hewson's Rekaylahn Blaze JW ScCM.  Nice dark hound with balanced outline.  Correct head, dark eye, good ear placement, strong neck.  Super front assembly allowing good extension on the move.  Good angles at rear giving power and drive.
2: Turner's Lobengula Lwena of Diamondridge.  Correct head, neck, short coupled, nice ridge.  No extension on the move.
3: Nash's Mirengo's Maya with Mutoko JW

Open Bitch (5-1abs)
1: Crunden/Strickland's Diamondridge Debut at Voortrekker.  What a cracking hound.  Good size, superb pigmentation.  Correct angles front and rear, super ridge, excellent feet allowing flowing, powerful movement covering the ground so smoothly.  A pleasure to have hands on such a beautiful girl.  Best Bitch and Best in Show.
2: Craigie's, Uk. Int. Ch. Imbali Azizi.  Most impressive free standing deserves her crown but today her front was not as flowing as No. 1.
3: Storey's Ir. Ch. Kiromol Kianga.
Veteran Bitch 1: Fuller's Nyuki Golden Fizz.  8 years old, such a lovely outline and good example of this breed.
2: Storey's Kiromol Kibibi.
3: Storey's Kambond Kigakazi by Kiromol