Open Show 8 October 2006

Judge Albert Wight
The SRRA held their Open Show at Leatherhead which, luckily was held outside despite heavy downpours the day before.  Judge Albert White from Scotland gave Best in Show to Bowlus’ dog Ch. Sofala Jefferson with Barnes’ Diamondridge Misty Dawn taking Best Bitch and RBIS.  Best Veteran went to Brownlee’s dog Saragwe Hodari Jambaro with Jenni Morris’ bitch Bruet Sing the Blues to Kasenga taking Best Puppy in Show.
A super venue, lots of sunshine, a lovely sized ring and a small but appreciative band of ridgeback enthusiasts made this a thoroughly enjoyable assignment. On paper the entry was excellent for a South of the Thames show – 61 dogs & 70+ entries, but as so often happens these days, the absentee rate was fairly high so the competition was over by mid afternoon. BIS was a lovely 4 yrs old male Bowlus’ Ch. Sofala Jefferson, res BIS & BOS was Barnes’ Diamondridge Misty Dawn & BP to Morris’ Bruet Sing the Bluers to Kasenga.

MPD (1) Balls’ Voortrekker Zephyr just 6 months so needing lots and lots of time as he is at the truly gawky stage and thinks circling the ring is the time to show that he could be a high hurdler – all 4 legs off the ground at the one time. He is very promising to go over, the head a decent length, the skull flattening well, extremely good eyes for colour, shape and expression, well set ears, a decent clean throated neck, ample spring of ribs and when he manages to stack for a few seconds in a controlled manner, has a shapely otline. He shows distinct possibilities. In wonderful coat condition, he could finish well

PD(2) Abs.

JD(2/1) 1st Simper’s Matabelle Doyen lovely red wheaten dog of good wither height, strong bone and a firm backline. Head developing well, ears need to settle, nice stop and strong muzzle, lovely eyes for colour and expression. Stands a bit upright in front and has a tendency to lifts his forelegs in a somewhat show off manner, but this could be youthful exhuberance. In stunning coat and muscle condition.

ND(2/1) 1st Geeves’ Matabelle M’Beki lovely size and weight of bone. Strong head, bit more wrinkle in skull than I like and I would think he would be improved with a longer foreface for his skull length. Excellent neck, well laid shoulder and a decent spring of rib, the backline firm and the tail well set though just a little on the gay side in carriage for me. Side on he shows a useful reach and drive once he settles. Obviously adores his handler.

PGD(5/1) 1st Bowlus’ Sofala Lincoln, first of the presidents men! Just coming up for 2 years of age and he does impress in stance as he is so balanced, is free standing, ever attentive to his handler and was in lovely body and muscle condition. Good size, lovely legs and tight feet, not overdone in chest width and his backline is excellent leading to powerfully developed hindquarters. On the move he is light actioned side on though he could be a bit tighter when fore viewed. All male head, perhaps a shade strong in cheek and I would just like a cleaner throat line. Despite that I felt he was a worthy winner. 2nd Wellman’s Nuthouse Fanclub scores in neck and backline, but short in upper arm so in profile his firelegs never really get far enough under him and he tends to be a shade proud of them on the move. He has a pleasing headpiece, nice eyes shape and expression, good ears and he does show himself off well. Fairly well angulated aft, but what he has he uses to great effect as he propels himself around the ring. 3rd Locke’s Hazi Mashudu at Wimngsdancin.

LD1) Abs.

OD(6) 1st & BIS Bowlus’ Ch. Sofala Jefferson, the other “president” and the better one! He really is a lovely example of the breed, so well proportioned and balanced in outline with all the parts fitting to give such a harmonious shape. I liked his head, clean cut, ample strength throughout but with that look of quality. Another free stander with a lovely front assembly, so good to watch on the move, nothing exaggerated just sound and economic as he circles the ring. A delight to judge.
2nd Whittington & Mansfield’s Matabelle Montonedi of Huntersleap another dog which I liked a great deal, so much so that I placed over the 3rd dog which I loved but which just lacked attitude and clearly would rather have been anywhere other than in the ring! So his fellow benefited and he was worthy of his placing. He could have more length of muzzle to complete the head picture, but other than that he is delightful. Good wither height, lots of substance, nice ribcage and loin with lovely hindquarters. Came into his own as they went around the ring together, positive stride length and good tail carriage.
3rd Raymond’s Sofala Sentinel if he would show even a glimpse of attitude he would waltz to his crown.

VD(2/1) 1st & BV Brownlees’s Saragwew Hodari Jambaro light red wheaten which acts and moves nothing like his 10 years. All male, lovely head type, good eyes and strong muzzle, a decent neck, kept in lean, hard muscular condition and he is no shrinking violet on the move showing good extension both ends as he powers around. His sheer attitude earned him the BV rosette.

MPB(/1) 1st Craigie’s Imbali Kekele (AI) I see is a daughter of the huge winner in Africa, Ch. Globe’s Roving Red Regent. Just 6 months and attending her first show and coping so well. She is certainly promising, lovely head type, ears a bit unsettled as yet but they are a good size and shape, the eyes I loved, together with her muzzle strength . Enough neck, lovely ribcage and loin and she scores in hindquarter angulation. Naturally needs lots of time to get her act together on the move, but that will come, Another which could finish well. 2nd Barne’s Phyvarrs Faberge by Diamondridge this lovely coloured babe was just having a fun day. In stunning condition and a super temperament. Lovely skull, bit short in length of foreface, gorgeous eyes and ears, ample neck and well ribbed. Tail a bit gay at present and she as yet quite uncollected on the move, preferring to play.

PB(6/5) 1st & BP Morris’ Bruet Sing the Blues to Kasenga very nice indeed and one which shows lots of promise. I liked her head, strong yet totally feminine in expression. She is so well put together, noting exaggerated but all balanced and her outline is free flowing and smooth. She has good angulation both ends and keeps her shape so well on the move. Could have a very interesting future if she is this good at this age.

JB(3/1) 1st Gold’s Sofala Simonsez I really liked this bitch and think if she can just be gently persuaded to be a little more outgoing and be prepared to stand tall, she could finish well. Lovely headpiece, so correct in proportions, strong skull, excellent eyes for colour and shape. In stunning condition, her backline is a delight, the croup good and she has excellent hindquarters. He sheer type carried the day – just needs a confidence boost. 2nd Raymonds Sofala Sequence litter sister to the winner and she was also one in need of encouragement to let herself go. Never raised her tail in action and was pulling to the side in movement. Allows herself to be handled alright and she is a nice bitch for head, body proportions and substance.

NB(4/3) 1st Digby’s Chigani Adeola nicely coloured wheaten of good wither height, pleasing head, neck and very good eyes. Short in upper arm so lifts forelegs too high on the move. In stance her backline is straight but on the move, she seems overbuilt and could with dropping in hindquarters. In lovely coat condition and a super temperamen.

PGB(10/2) 1st Whittington & Mansfield’s Kiromol Kiangazi of Huntersleap, my problem child of the day. Just out of junior and a real swine on the stack. Whether it was the sunlight, the grass or whatever, she did everything but try not to win. She leant back, pulled her neck in, stood overbuilt and looked (for most of the time) anything but a good Ridgeback. Then she is asked to move and the transformation is unbelievable!! The rawness goes, the machine comes into action and she floats so effortlessly, albeit a shade faster than I feel necessary. That brought her from 4th to win this class and she was much in my mind before the challenge for BB. There once more she did everything wrong when standing and paid the price. If she can be persuaded to free stand and do herself justice, she could make the going hot at any level. Apart from her ears being a trifle larger than I like, her head, eyes and expression are real quality. 2nd Gold’s Sofala Soiree another rather nice quality bitch, shade smaller than the winner but so well proportioned with a good head, the skull flat and a decent width, good muzzle length and clean in throat. Disappointed a little on the move
As though she is sound enough, she never really gives full extension, made more obvious by the fluency of the winner. 3rd Craigie’s Harvestrail Kiera of Imbalai JW

LB(7/3) 1st Browlnee’s Jambaro Godess not in her best coat and I would like to see her carrying a little more body over the ribcage. Tall, lovely head, neck and backline, so light actioned with that free, ground eating stride. She is so well boned, straight in front and in hard muscular condition. 2nd Coyne’s Amiswarno Madrigal with Ozubi little smaller and light framed all through and without the gusto of the winner as they circled the ring. However, she was is stunning coat condition, well muscled and on the stack her outline is quite lovely. Pleasing head, eyes and expression. 3rd Green’s Amini Sahibu

OB(5/2) 1st & BOS Barnes’ Diamondridge Misty Dawn standing she fills the bill. Tall, capable of doing the job she was intended for, strength throughout yet feminine in head which has a good width in skull, well defined stop, lovely muzzle length and a decent neck. On the move she eats up the ground effortlessly and like a number of others today, if she only had some fearless attitude, she would have little difficulty gaining her title.
Floored almost every other bitch on the and when push came to shove, she stood her ground and held her shape. 2nd & Res.BB Morris’ Ch Bruet Song at Kasenga an extremely charming bitch I was not surprised to read that she has gained her title. Shade smaller and that tad lighter all through. Lovely head, eyes and expression, beautiful clean throat with well laid shoulders and a true front. Backline just that little slack at times but once she sets off round the ring her shape returns. Sound, free striding and lovely tail carriage. In spotless condition. 3rd Brownless’s Kiromil Kanizi of Jambaro

VB(4/1) 1st Barnes’ Ch. Diamondridge Vega 2nd Green’s Sheemar Attraction and 3rd Bowden’s Rejan Tamba. Always the most difficult class to judge as they all have appeal. Something about that knowing expression that makes one want them all to win. The winner, I felt, was the best for sheer type and smoothness in action, the second does dip a little in backline bit she does have a lovely head type, excellent skull width and beautiful foreface. And to complicate it all the best coated and conditioned one was 3rd !!

Std Dog (1) 1st UK, FCI Int & Ir Ch Imbali Kipenzi. An old favourite of mine and what a joy to see him looking so well and fit with two beautiful young offspring. I think I probably gave him his first (or one of) BPIS awards and later qualified him through from the semi finals of KC JW winners competition in London where he went on to become the overall winner under Mrs. Somerfield. He has bee and still is, a great ambassador for the breed and it was a joy to see him looking in such wonderful condition.