Open Show 18th October 1998

Judge Charlotte Crunden
BEST IN SHOW - Barnes' Diamondridge Royal Gold
RESERVE BD Morris' CH. Kasenga Kip Keino
I would like to thank the S.R.R.A. for inviting me to judge their Autumn Club Open Show. I was lucky to have splendid weather, which could have not been more perfect for this time of year. This meant I was able to judge all classes outside in a ring of large proportions.
I would also like to thank all the exhibitors for their entries, the standard of the Rhodesian Ridgebacks that I judged on this day was of high quality. One point I would like to make is on what an excellent display of ridges I was able to examine. Correct length, reaching from shoulders to haunches and with good width. A few hounds have very large crowns, this was due to the fact that their coats were not as short and dense as the breed standard requires. I would prefer to see a smaller tight crown that donates a correct length and density to coat.

Puppy Dog: No entries.
Junior Dog. 3 (1). 1. Mrs. J. Nolan's HARAMBEE SHOZI. Light wheaten dog of 14 months, good head and expression, good depth of muzzle and correct ear set. A nice length of rib, a well boned dog overall. He will be a slow maturing dog not old before his time.
Novice Dog: 3 (3). 1. Mrs. J. Nolan's HARAMBEE SHOZI.
2. Mr. T. Mansfield's NALLIM UNQAZA. More mature than 1. Head of good proportions with a clean dark bright eye and a harmonising dark red wheaten coat. Good bend of stifle and well let down hocks.
3. Mr. & Mrs. T. Taylor's NOONDAY WARRIOR.
Postgraduate Dog: 4 (3) 1. Ms C. Edwards' BRUET THE MUSICIAN. 19 months of age, a very eye catching dog of correct head with good proportions. Excellent lay back of shoulder and a strong clean front. Very well ribbed back, strong loin and well coupled. Excellent movement, drove with power, he really used his hocks to propel his body enabling an easy all round flowing action. Another dog still yet to reach his full maturity. One to keep an eye on for the future.
2. Mr. M. Wallis's and Mrs. M. O'Hara's MATABELLE CRUSADER. A dog with excellent profile movement covering a lot of ground with his easy free flowing stride, well boned and well ribbed. Correct short dense coat, ridge of excellent width and length.
Limit Dog: 5(3) 1. Mr. & Mrs. P. Storey's KIRIMOL KHALFANI. A very well boned imposing dark red wheaten dog in excellent condition and with kind expression. Forechest easily viewed in profile, a good deep brisket reaching to his elbows. Correct point of shoulder enabling his well set on neck to flow into withers correctly giving him an excellent layback and when in motion excellent extension. He has a deep and capacious chest, ribs well sprung and carried back into a muscular strongly formed loin with a slight rise. Correct coupling and tail set. A well developed first and second thigh, put together with excellent rear angulation thus donating his forceful action behind, covering ground with ease. Excellent ridge. BEST DOG.
2. Mrs. J. Nolan's KEO WA HARAMBEE. This light wheaten dog,s head and expression corresponds to type. A good long deep and powerful muzzle. Clean through his cheeks and an excellent length of neck. Well bodied and with good bone throughout, correct tight feet.
3. Mrs. H. Maddox's HARAMBEE ZIMKHULU.
Veteran Dog: 5 (4) 1. Mrs. J.S. Morris's CH. KASENGA KIP KEINO. Avery fit 9 year old dog. Correct head with a deep powerful muzzle. Neck clean and of good length. Well angulated strong clean front, forelegs boned to the ground with a correct pastern, feet excellent, compact and round with well arched toes. Strong throughout body, rear angulation superb. Good width from stifle joint to buttocks. His movement was excellent coming towards and going away, he was tracking correctly. A very soundly made dog indeed.
RESERVE BEST DOG. 2. Mrs. S.M. Simper's ROSERIDGE REGENT OF MATABELLE (IMP). Well made 8 year old, standing over a lot of ground, well ribbed back and well sprung ribs overall in appearance when
viewed from front. A strong powerful back of excellent length which did not lose top line on move. Excellent cleanly muscled hind quarters of excellent angulation, which powered a free flowing action that covered ground. He looked like he could still do a full days work with capability.
Open Dog: 4 (1) 1. Mr. & Mrs. K. Barnes's CH. DIAMONDRIDGE DAREDEVIL. A very sound 10 year old dog, typical in all aspects of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Correct head proportions and ear carriage, strong through neck, correct sound forelegs. Good ridge. Although of his age I found that movement still came easily to him, he has a lovely easy gait.
Puppy Bitch: 2 (2) 1. Mrs. J. Gadsdon's BUMUTHI MAAZOUZI. An attractive 11 month old bitch. Head corresponds to type but feminine with a bright correct dark eye, neck clean, of good length and with no sign of throatiness. Good length of body and depth to loin. Good bend of stifle. Still a little
apprehensive but I am sure with time she will settle down. Well handled. BEST PUPPY.
2. Mrs. R. Griffith's MATAQUA LALO.
Junior Bitch: 4 (4) 1. Mr. M. Wallis and Mrs. M. O'Hara's RAMURUTI RAZ. A showy bitch handled well. Correct ear set. Good drop of lip. Clean front, well bodied and a correct tail set. Happy on the move.
2. Mrs, J. Nolan's HARAMBEE SHINGALANA. A light wheaten 14 month old bitch. Excellent head with correct proportions. Forefront and shoulder angulation correct, good depth of brisket and well boned throughout. Well angulated at rear. Unfortunately she would not settle today. I am sure she holds a very promising future.
3. Mr. A. Dunn and Mrs. S. Eves's ZINDIKA JONKER.

Novice Bitch: 3 (3) 1. Mrs. J. Nolan's HARAMBEE SHINGALANA.
2. Mrs. S. Scott's BELSTONE SIMBA. A pretty 6 1/2 year old bitch that moved round the ring soundly. Clean front and forelegs. Correct tail set.
3. Mr.A. Dunn and Mrs. S. Eve's ZINDIKA JONKER.
Postgraduate Bitch: 4 (3) 1. Mr. & Mrs. N. Parry's BRUET CREME BRULEE. Bitch of good type, pleasing head with good expression. She has correct depth of foreface and is free from cheekiness. Neck strong and of correct length. A nice length of ridge. Turned out in very good condition and handled well.
2. Mr. A. Dunn and Mrs. S. Eve's ZEJAK BEZA OF ZINDIKA. A heavier boned bitch than 1, but again of good type. Moved with drive and showed good expression.
Limit Bitch: 5 (3) 1. Mr. & Mrs. K.J. Barnes's DIAMONDRIDGE ROYAL GOLD. A bitch of quality put down in good order, skull of excellent proportions, both flat and broad between her correctly set ears. Good length of muzzle and lips fitting closely to her jaws. A young lady of intelligent expression. Well developed forechest easily seen in profile. Excellent depth of ribbing that dropped to a correctly positioned clean elbow, well timbered forelegs. Good point of shoulder and width between scapula. Excellent depth and strength of loin, well muscled rump and she also has a clean strong well muscled first and second thigh. Excellent correct turn of stifle and strong well let down hocks. Front and rear angulation of this bitch gives her an excellent symmetrical outline. Her movement is as the breed standard requires - straight forward free and active, but this can only be expected from a bitch of such correct conformation. BEST BITCH AND BEST IN SHOW
2. Ms C. Edwards's MATABELLE MUSIC AT BRUET. Another bitch with a lot of quality. Excellent through forehand and boned to the ground. Good pasterns and feet. Correct degree of curvature to her well ribbed back rib cage. She has well turned quarters and her movement is one of ease, she covers a lot of ground. When viewed in profile you can really see her use her hocks correctly.
Open Bitch: 4 (4) 1. Mr. & Mrs. P. Storey's KIROMOL KIBIBI. A bitch of refinement, in tip top condition, she has an excellent clean cut head with correct chiselling, foreface of correct length and her nose has large nostrils. Her strong neck of correct length is free from throatiness. Excellent lay of shoulder, which is muscled powerfully but free from bulging. Strong and well boned throughout. Correct forearm leading to excellent feet. Topline held on the move, and what excellent movement this bitch of almost 4 years of age has, an effortless free action covering ground with ease, could do a full days work. Strong through loin and well coupled. Root of tail correctly set and tail carried correctly on move. A bitch out of the top draw. RESERVE BEST BITCH.
2. Mrs. S.M. Simper's CH. MATABELLE MERCEDES. A well boned bitch of substance. Thorax of correct width, plenty of room for her heart and lungs. Excellent depth of brisket dropping right down to her elbows, ribs carried well back with a gradual incline to her loin. Well defined muscles to her hind quarters with a correct turn of stifle, another bitch with correct assembly to enable a powerful ground covering movement.
Veteran Bitch: 4 (4) 1. Mrs. S.M. Simper's MATABELLE MAYERLING. A bitch that can only just be called veteran, put down in excellent condition. She is very fit and active and has good muscle tone over her forequarter, body and rear quarter. Good head and expression with good size ears fitting closely to her head. Well boned forearms, well developed brisket and correct length of rib. Her movement was that of a fit 4 year old. She has a good reach of foreleg and her shoulders were mobile on the move. She must surely have a very successful veteran career ahead of her. Handled to perfection.
2. Mrs. J.S. Morris'CH. MATABELLE MASQUERADE AT KASANGA. A 10 year old red wheaten bitch with head of intelligent expression, she has a strong clean well arched neck leading into a straight front with a good lay of shoulder. Excellent coat of correct length and density, with plenty of pigment for a lady of her age. Moved well, carrying a strong level topline and correctly tracking. But not quite as energetic as 1. I am sure she could still show some of today's younger bitches a thing or two.

Stud Dog: 3 (3) 1. Mrs. S.M. Simper's ROSERIDGE REGENT OF MATABELLE (IMP). This dog had three of his offspring with him, all of which he had passed his excellent powerful free flowing movement to. All as their father, they were well boned and had excellent depth and lengths to their rib cages. It is pleasing to see a dog passing on such important attributes of this breed on to his offspring.
Brood Bitch: 2 (1) 1. Mrs. S.M. Simper's MATABELLE MAYERLING. A top class brood bitch and you could see that her offspring have not lacked anything from her strength and construction. This is seen most definitely in Ch. Matabelle Mercedes. A well constructed bitch of excellent assembly, like mother like daughter.
Brace: 3 (3) 1. Mr. & Mrs. N. Parry. A couple of hound most similar in head type, both with correct expression. Length of muzzle good with excellent depth and close fitting lips. Both well boned and in good condition. Moved well together.