Open Show 5th May 1996

Judge Sonja Nilsson (Roseridge) 

BIS Kiromol Kibibi - agen 18 months   

BIS Storey's Kiromol Kibibi
BOS Piehl's Matabelle Messenger

Veteran Dog and Bitch winners
It was a great honour to be invited to judge the Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Open Show in May. The Show is situated at Catherston Stud Farm, where the landscape with the beautiful horses are absolutely breathtaking.
The overall quality of the Ridgebacks was also impressive. They were a delight to see and I enjoyed going over them. I was very pleased to see the handling where everyone was very helpful and made my work easier. The temperament was overall very good as well as the ridges.
Puppy dog class consisted of three lovely dogs, two were litter brothers - very similar in type and well constructed. Unfortunately he did not behave as well as he could do.
1st Mr G. Pearce's SANSILVER BEKITEMBA. A strong, masculine 11 months very promising red wheaten puppy. A bit overdone in his head, but with a nice expression. Good neck, shoulders, topline and tailset. Well defined ridge. Well ribbed back with good movement
2nd. Mrs G.R.G. Regler's SHABANI KAID. Medium sized dog puppy. A bit feminine in his head, that needs a stronger muzzle. Good neck and topline with a slightly coarse tail. A bit straight in his angulation that also showed in his movement. Very well handled
Junior class (1)
1st Mr & Mrs P.N. Davis' IMOLA ISO LELE, very handsome dog, powerful and well-balanced. Lovely head and expression, nice neck and topline, well ribbed back. Moves very well in profile but to be critical a bit flatfooted and slightly cow-hocked
Novice (2)
1st Mr & Mrs P.N. Davis' IMOLA ISO LELE
2nd Mr & Mrs P. Edward's BRUET BRANDY SNAP, a masculine work-manlike dog. A little overdone in his head, but with good neck and topline. Lovely coat and ridge. Lacking a bit in angulation and unfortunately slightly weak in his pastern. Curly stand
Post graduate (6)
1st and best of opposite sex Mr & Mrs C. Piehl's MATABELLE MESSENGER. A superb dog of quality type. Beautifully made and well balanced head with a very nice expression and strong muzzle. Beautiful flow of neck in well laid back shoulders, very good topline and tailset, superb loin and hindquarters. Shiny short coat with a lovely ridge. Extremely sound and active mover with excellent drive
2nd Mrs N.D. Gander's TUKELA UMGAZA AT SOFALA. A lovely masculine dog of very nice type. Very well formed head with a lovely expression. A bit straight in his shoulders and not so well ribbed back. Moves very sound in profile
Limit dog (2)
1st Mr and Mrs J. Fox 5 years old MATABELLE MONTERANA. An upstanding male of very nice type. Very nice head and expression. Beautiful neck and good topline. For his size he could have more bone. Moves very well but a bit loose in his front. Well presented
2nd Mr R.F Harden's KWEKWE KUMI. A strong dog of nice type. A bit overdone in his head with triangular shaped eyes. Nice neck and topline. Lacking in angulation both in front and in rear, well knuckled feet, moves a bit short in his stride and unfortunately limping slightly
Open class (12)
My open class entry was lovely and my first was a dog I have always liked Mr & Mrs B Clark's CH FAAHAC FYN. Very nice type, slightly feminine in his head, but otherwise a beautiful male. Very nice neck and topline. Not quite as well laid in shoulders with a restriction in front action but otherwise an easy moving dog. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Very nice ridge
My 2nd was Mr & Mrs MATABELLE MOZART, strongly made lovely dog of very nice type. A bit overdone in his head. Lovely neck and shoulderplacement, good topline and tailset. Substance in body. Well made strong hindquarters. Well knuckled feet. Moves with very good drive but a bit wide in his front. Was very lazy today
Veteran dog (6)
A lovely entry of distinguished well modelled males who could all have been my first choice.
I decided for Mr & Mrs K.J Barnes CH DIAMONDRIDGE DAREDEVIL, 7 years old in excellent condition. A lovely balanced dog with superb head and expression, lovely neck, topline and tailset. Very well angulated and with excellent reach of stride. He has everything that pleased me
2nd another favourite of mine Mr & Mrs D.J. Seaman CH SANSILVER SAMURU. A quality dog, very sound and excellent in proportion and also in superb condition, but not the same good head as the winner. Very sound and active mover with good drive
Puppy bitch (1)
My puppy bitch was Mr & Mrs B.R. Hutchings HARAMBEE IPI-HAMBA.
8 months really eye-catching bitch puppy with pleasing outline. Beautiful head and expression, lovely neck and topline, slightly high in her back end which is natural for her age. Moves very well. A very promising bitch puppy that will be interesting to follow in the future
Junior bitch (4)
My junior bitch class winner was Mrs L. Cunnane SOFALA SEREN, an upstanding light boned bitch. Sweet expression, beautiful neck and good topline. Nice ridge. Moves well but with a slightly short stride
2nd Mrs J. Warren & Mrs. C Davis IMOLA IMANDRA. Sweet bitch with a slightly masculine head, good neck and topline, very good forechest, moves with a short stride. Her handler did not do her much justice
Novice bitch (6)
My novice class winner was a lovely light wheaten bitch Mrs A Johansson MATABELLE MAGDALENE. Lacking in muzzle, but a well bodied bitch with well laid shoulders, straight front, level topline and excellent hindquarters. She moves like a dream and I sent her around the ring several times just to be able to enjoy her. Being at her first show she was slightly apprehensive but could be handled
2nd Mr & Mrs N Parry BRUET CREME BRULEE, a bitch with much to like, lovely quality head and of excellent type with nice neck and topline. Moves very well. Curly stand
Post graduate bitch (7)
Post grad winner and Best in Show was Mr & Mrs Storey's KIROMOL KIBIBI a beautifully made bitch of excellent type. Beautiful head with a soft lovely expression, lovely neck, shoulders, topline and tailset. Very well angulated in front and rear, great spring of rib. Lovely coat condition. Excellent ridge. Excellent reach of stride - it was lovely seeing her going around giving her owner a task in the ring
2nd Mr & Mrs N Parry's DIAMONDRIDGE AFRICAN ROSE. A quality bitch of very good breed type. Excellent in proportion. Did not show as well as my first but with an excellent drive
Limit bitch (6)
1st Mr & Mrs P. Edward's MATABELLE MUSIC AT BRUET. A very sound bitch of excellent breed type. A quality head with typical hound-expression. Very well made overall, lovely from any angle, with excellent bones and one of the best movers of the day. Unfortunately flying her ears and casting her coat which spoilt her today
2nd Mr B Stanley & Mr C Dixon's NYASSA TAJIRI-ALMASI OF ASANTE. A good sized bitch of excellent type. Slightly foreign in her expression. Moves very well in profile, but slightly wide in her front. Very well handled
Open bitch (10)
1st Mr & Mrs J Hicks SANSILVER PUMALANGA. A very nice bitch full of quality with very good head, neck and topline, slightly short in her ribbings. Moves very well in profile but slightly wide in her front
2nd Mr & Mrs E.A. Craigie's IMBALI HAZINA. Nicely put together of excellent type, a shade on the small side. Lovely headpiece, neck and topline. Moves very well but lacking slightly in her drive. Excellent presented
Veteran bitch (6)
Veteran bitch class was as hard as the veteran male class. There were several of my favourites bitches, but I ended with Mrs J.S. Morris CH MATABELLE MASQUERADE AT KASENGA a beautifully made bitch full of quality with lovely head and typical expression. Very good neck and shoulderplacement, very good topline and tailset and an excellent moving bitch. An honour to her owner
2nd Mr & Mrs E.A. Craigie's CH IMBALI ZURI, a sweet beautifully made bitch with an excellent outline. Moves very well. Excellent presented