Championship Show 15 May 2005

Judge Pam Blay

BIS Parke's Ch Veldtkammer Lady Done A Bunk
RBIS Storey's Kiromol Its Now Or Never
BP Sonstraal Christmas Eve
The Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association held a championship show at the Leatherhead Leisure Centre, where the weather enabled a lovely outside ring to be set up for judging & we were able to stay outside for the whole show - what a bonus!
MPD (4,1a) 1 Fuller's Lisimba Lutalo at Nyuki, a nice youngster with a good head. Needs to settle on the move but has potential. Good neck, shoulder, topline & tailset, a good depth of chest coming & a lovely ribcage;
2 Patterson's Diamondridge Dingiswayo, lovely boy who needs ringcraft, he has lots of potential as he is well made & has so much going for him, still an absolute baby but with training should go far;
3 McClymont's Jambaro Nyekunda.
PD (4,1) 1 Parke's Veldtkammer Whistle 'N' Flute, another absolute baby who needs to grow into his ears to complete a masculine head! Lovely moving baby of a good colour & type, good ridge, topline & tailset, lovely bone & feet, showed well both set up & moving;
2 Bowlus' Sofala Lincoln, showed well for a youngster, preferred 1's neck & feet, masculine head & expression with a well set ear & eye, good topline & depth of chest;
3 Brodrick-Barker's Bwallowcliffe Ellison.
JD (7,2) 1 Wentzell's Imbali Ubora, cracking youngster who is only just out of puppy, still a baby but with a lot of potential, good bone & feet, masculine head & expression, lovely neck & shoulders, good ridge, topline & tailset, tail well carried, balanced boy;
2 S Lincoln;
3 Parsons' Priorpark Juba for Nzuri.
GD (2,1) 1 Fuller & Nuttall's Kysys from Kubah, liked his head, neck & shoulders, good ridge, reasonable depth of chest, masculine head & expression, alone but a worthy winner. Hind movement could improve & tail carried slightly high.
PGD (8,2) 1 Jeffery's Mirengo's Mikura, a balanced boy of the correct size & shape, moved well correctly covering the ground without any wasted effort, masculine head & expression, correct neck & shoulders, well held topline with a good ridge, well carried tail set correctly, lovely quarters, bone & feet;
2 Smith's Evergraces Magic Maestro at Lilongwe, lovely masculine head with a good eye & ear, good bone & feet, well made hindquarters, good depth of chest & held his topline on the move & set up;
3 Kysys from K.
MLD (1) 1 Parke's Veldtkammer Get Of A My Cloud, very rich mahogany male with a masculine head & expression, lovely bone & front, well proportioned & balanced, lovely eye & ear carriage, in excellent muscular condition & this really showed in his movement. Alone but could win in good company.
LD (5,1) 1 Storey's Kiromol Its Now Or Never, stallion of a dog who moved a dream, well balanced & in tip top condition, his muscles just gleamed, excellent head & expression with a well placed eye & ear, lovely depth of chest & a strong topline & loin, well set tail & a lovely hindquarters, good ridge & showed a dream to win the class, CC & RBIS;
2 Bowlus' Sofala Jefferson, lovely masculine boy whose mind just wasn't on the job today, pity, again a nicely balanced boy with a good depth of chest, liked his height to length proportions & his lovely neck & shoulders, good bone & feet, moved well to win his place;
3 Whittington & Mansfield's Matabelle Monsonedi of Huntersleap.
OD (13,3) What a wonderful class to judge. 1 Selby's Ch Eilack Eliakim, no mistaking his sex, this quality male is yet another by the top stud dog, Shaka, he is certainly stamping his quality on the breed from this entry. Excellent masculine head & expression, lovely neck & a good shoulder, correct bone & feet, strong topline & loin, well set tail & well muscled hindquarters, good coat & colour & a good ridge, his quality & maturity gave him the class & RCC;
2 Craigie's Ch/Int/Ir Ch Imbali Kipenzi, an old favourite of mine who showed a dream to win in this strong class. balanced & a lovely mover, so stylish & full of quality, good bone & feet & of the correct size. Love his head & expression, front assembly & strength of loin;
3 Coyne's Ozubi's Jonagold.
VD (3,1) 1 Brownlee's Saragwe Hodari Jambaro, lovely headed boy belying his age, lovely neck & shoulders, moved a dream, good bone, feet & hindquarters, held topline set up & moving, Best veteran in show;
2 Mansfield's Nallim Unqaza, another nice boy of a good type. Just preferred 1's head & movement on the day, but no denying his excellent coat & condition for age, well muscled hindquarters & good feet.

MPB (7) 1 Whyte & Young's Sonstraal Christmas Eve, what a cracker, I fell hook, line & sinker for this wonderful young lady. I loved her shape, so feminine & moved so well for one so young, already has a lovely depth of chest & excellent hindquarters, well proportioned with excellent bone & feet, correct coat which gleamed in the sun, nearly let my heart rule my head but I don't need to predict her future, it will be just a case of when! BP;
2 Barnes' Diamondridge Misty Dawn, still an absolute baby but again a quality youngster, good bone & feet, well proportioned body & a lovely type, moved well for a baby but a such a pretty head & expression with well carried ears, lovely neck & shoulders & a good hindquarters completed the picture;
3 Burgess' Nyassa Alana at Msulwa,

PB (7,3) 1 Maidment's Glenorin Cambirigh, well balanced puppy of a good type, feminine head & expression. Still very much a baby & giving her handler a hard time but her quality shone through & I forgave her naughtiness because when she got her act together she moved well;
2 Farleigh's Htimsa Mfani Ipea at Kinabula, another lovely type also very immature but with potential, pretty head & expression, well made neck & shoulders, depth of chest is coming along nicely & she moved well for one so young;
3 Parry's Matabelle Band Of Gold.
JB (9) 1 Turner's Lobengula Lwena of Diamondridge, pretty bitch whose quality shone through, lovely type who is well balanced & moved well really using her hindquarters to effortlessly cover the ground, pretty head & expression, good neck & a well laid shoulder, good bone & feet, correctly proportioned body with a well set tail;
2 Nigro & Rice's Thokozani Tanisha at Imbali, another pretty girl who is still very much a baby but of a lovely type, I can see Kip in her! Pretty head & expression, good ear & kind eye, lovely bone & feet, good topline & good length of loin & tailset good, moved & showed well;
3 Scott's Matabelle Mystique.
GB (7,1) 1 Farleigh's Leoness at Featherbed with Kinabula, what a lovely quality girl with excellent quarters, neck & shoulders, so feminine & in tip top condition, moved a dream, effortlessly but still covering the ground, pretty head & expression, strong topline & a good ridge, well set tail & strong loin;
32Williams & Hornsby's Kiromol Kaisa.
PGB (6) 1 Nash's Mirengo's Maiya with Mutoko, pretty, good moving girl of quality, good body proportions, lovely bone & depth of chest, excellent feet & ear carriage, lovely head & a good neck & shoulder, liked her type;
2 Fawcus' Adaeze Akiki Blossom, feminine girl who moved well on well boned legs & feet, well made head with a good eye & ear, well made shoulders & well proportioned body with a strong hindquarters;
3 Craigie's Imbali Kisura.
MLB (3,2) 1 Coyne's Amiswarno Madrigal with Ozubi, alone but this lovely free moving bitch could win anywhere, lovely feet & bone, excellent balance & so very feminine, pretty head & expression, well made shoulder & good hindquarters.
LB (11,2) 1 Cunningham's Walamadengie Lady Elegance, what a feminine bitch with the most lovely head & expression, well set ears & excellent neck & shoulders, good bone & feet, moved a dream with no wasted effort, a very hard fight between 1 & 2, who is slightly longer in body. 1 has a strong topline & a good depth of chest with a good tuck up, well muscled quarters, in gleaming condition;
2 Saunders' Bruet Maggie May, again a feminine head with a lovely eye & expression. Preferred 1's ear carriage but Maggie has a lovely neck & shoulder with good bone & feet, well made & muscled quarters, her movement is copybook, she just floated round the ring, quality bitch with lots to like; 3 Green's Amini Sahibu.

OB (9,2) 1 Parke's Ch Veldtkammer Lady Done A Bunk, now I can see why she has done so much winning, she is quality, this lovely good moving bitch has lovely bone & feet & excellent hindquarters gleaming with muscles, lovely outlook from that feminine head with a well placed eye & ear, lovely neck & shoulders with a good depth of chest & width of loin, good tailset which enabled her tail to be carried correctly on the move. Effortlessly covering the ground in movement but is agile enough to do the job she was bred for. No hesitation in giving her the CC & BOB;
2 Morris' Ch Bruet Song of Kasenga, again a quality bitch who held her topline on the move, feminine - no mistaking her sex either, such a pretty head & expression, showed her socks off to win her place in this strong class, which was a pleasure to judge. Again that excellent neck & shoulder & correctly angulated hindquarters that I was looking for. Good topline & ridge. RCC; 3 Storey's Ir Ch Kiromol Kianga.

VB (4,1) 1 Fuller's Nyuki Golden Fizz, young veteran who showed well, lovely quarters really used to move effortlessly round the ring, good bone & feet & a pretty head & expression, well balanced, showed really well to beat a special favourite of mine;
2 Storey's Kiromol Kibibi, excellent type of girl who at 11 doesn't look her age. Still showing her socks off, loved her as a youngster & can see no reason to change my opinion, such a pretty head & expression & well balanced; 3 Scott's Belstone Stephanie of Selukwe.

Breeders Stakes (3) 1 Barnes' Diamondridge kennel of quality dogs, very well matched & still showing well at the end of a long day;
2 Storey's Kiromol kennel of a type that I have often admired, like peas in a pod & moved well too;
3 Craigie's Imbali kennel.