Open Show 17 October 1999

Judge John R Clay

The Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association held an open show at Chieveley where BIS was Matabelle Messenger; BOS, Htimsa Adaeze Tara & BP, Sofala S'Bouna.

PUPPY DOG (7) I think that the majority of this class must have had some 'happy beans' for breakfast as all they wanted to do was play instead of standing still to be handled, but it was such a lovely day so who could blame them.
1 Dyer's Sofala S'Bouna, really classy little lad who will do well in the future. Good head & mouth, straight front nice topline & rear quarters, moved extremely well
2 Gadson's Bamuthi Time Traveller, good appearance, nice head, mouth & rear quarters, correct tail carriage
3 Broadsmith's Chainama Mzuzi

1 Birrell's Plantagenet Avenger, classy looking, lovely head & eye, good body & ribcage, moved well;
2 House's Muscovy Borgao, sound throughout, nice head & ear carriage, depth of chest & rear quarters
3 S S'Bouna
1 P Avenger
2 S S'Bouna
3 Atkins' Harambee Sunburst
1 Brownlee & Griffiths Saragwe Hodari Jamaro, splendid looking, well boned, good head, chest & rib carriage, stood and showed extremely well, RBD
2 Mansfield's Nallim Unqaza, nice front, well proportioned, good rear. Topline not as straight as I would have liked, but moved well
3 Hector-Jones' Diamondridge Devil's Gold
1 Bates' Gunthwaite Action Man, good strong chap, well boned, nice head & ear carriage, sound front. Movement could have been slightly better, but showed well
2 N Unqaza
3 Nolan's Keo Wa Harambee.
1 Piehl's Matabelle Messenger, super looking, had everything going for him, great head, neck & bone structure, lovely front turn of stifle & tail carriage. Stood & showed like a guardsman on parade. BD & BIS
2 Gander's Tukela Umgaza at Sofala, sound with good head, neck & topline, moved well:
3 Brown's Trewidland Caleb
VETERAN DOG (5): Lovely class as all dogs looked so good in the ring.
1 Piehl's Matabelle Mozart, really sound 7 1/2 year old, sound in all aspects, good bone structure, rear quarters Lovely head & eye, moved fluently
2 Simper's Roseridge Regent of Matabelle, 9'/2 year old, lovely head & expression, well bodied, good angulation, well laid shoulders & sound mover
3 T Caleb
1 Bate's Burncote Foxy Lady, very sweet, lovely head & mouth, good topline & neck carriage & moved well for one so young. Pushed hard for BP
2 Barnes' Diamondridge Deja Vu, good head & mouth, straight front, well arched neck, nice topline, moved soundly
3 Gander's Sofala Setapa
1 Storey's Kambond Kijakazi by Kiromol, beautiful looking, very feminine, but with a sound head, mouth & neck carriage. Good rear quarters & tail carriage. Needs to be handled more & will do well
2 Brown's Chrisumic Wazuri, nice looking. Not as much substance as 1, but having a straight front good topline, sound rear end & very pleasing to the eye
3 McDonald's Genevieve of Claughton

1 Nolan's Harambee Shingalana, nice head, bone structure & front. Showed well but could have moved a little better
2 Griffiths' Mataqua Lalo, nice head & mouth, straight front. Slightly rangy overall, who stood well but was somewhat wayward when moving

1 Fawcus' Htimsa Adaeze Tara, really lovely looking, sound in all departments straight front, good topline, nice turn of stifle, lovely head & mouth, stood & showed for all she was worth. BB & BOS
2 Scott's Belstone Stephanie, good head, eye & neck carriage Sound bone structure, straight front, depth of chest, moved well
3 Maitland-Jones Mtwapa Kumbe

1 Craigie's Imbali Husasa, classy looking pleasing overall appearance, sound head, well sprung ribs, alert expression, straight front, stood well & moved positively
2 Gander's Tersulee Tamatumu at Sofala, nice head, topline & rear quarters. Good neck carriage & depth of chest moved well

1 Storey's Kiromol Kibibi, sound looking, good bone structure throughout, nice head, neck & well laid shoulders, stood & showed really well
2 Gander's Sofala Sesme, good looking with straight front, strong neck, well sprung ribs good angulation, showed in a workmanlike fashion
3 Simper's Ch Matabelle Mercedes
As with the VD the bitches were all in splendid shape & brought credit to themselves & their owners.
1 Scott's Belstone Simba, 7 1/2 year old, in excellent shape, good head bone structure, straight front & overall appearance, stood perfectly & moved extremely well indeed
2 Moms' Ch Matabelle Masquerade, 11 years young & still quite a looker in the ring. Great head & eye, lovely well laid shoulders & bone structure, quite a spring in her step when she moved
3 Craigie's Imbali Kamili Khala