Open Show 8 October 1995

Judge Lindsey Barnes (Diamondridge)

BIS Matabelle Mozart

BOS Matabelle Masquerade at Kasenga

Best stud dog Roseridge Regent of Matabelle
It was a great pleasure to fulfill my long-standing invitation to judge this show. I should like to thank exhibitors for giving me such a high quality entry which made decisions very difficult especially in both the limit classes. My decisions were based on the breed standard and also the exhibit's fitness for purpose. This should explain why short striding restricted movement caused by upright shoulders, and slack pasterns and feet do not make the grade no matter how perfect the ridge or how glamorous the package it is presented in. On this day, I was pleased there were not many such faults in evidence and movement was well above average. I should also add I saw no evidence of excessive lay-back of shoulder. It is encouraging to see, especially amongst the dogs, that some lines are now producing such superb heads. The days of broad, cheeky untypical heads are hopefully over but narrow chests and height should be watched. Best in Show was Matabelle Mozart, Best Opposite Sex Ch Matabelle Masquerade at Kasenga, Best Puppy Sofala Seren and Best Veteran Ch.Matabelle Mayfair, not only are they fine show specimens but also have all the attributes for a day's hunting. Lets not forget they are in the hound group.
PUPPY DOG (4) 1st Piehl's Matabelle Messenger - Superb head with perfect depth and shape of muzzle, good chiselling and definition of stop, scores also in his arched neck of good length and well laid shoulder, well boned, ribs dropped down to elbows and carried well back, well angulated in the rear. Perfect proportions for height but just hope he doesn't grow any more. Moved free and active. 2nd Edwards Bruet Brandy Snap - Very attractive red wheaten but immature, needs to tighten up to come into his best. Well ribbed back with good depth of rib and tailset. Not so settled standing as 1st but moved well with even paces and drive from quarters. 3rd Storey's Kiromol Khalfaru.
JUNIOR DOG (3:1 abs) 1st Harden's Kwe Kwe Kumi - Excellent well balanced proportions and mature for age, with a good length of neck and depth of chest, ribs carried well back. Moves well. 2nd Gander's Tukela Umgaza at Sofala - good depth and width of muzzle, chiselled under eye, equal balance between muzzle and skull, classic head. Neck long and strong, level top line, very loose on the move at present, needs to tighten in front. 3rd abs.
NOVICE DOG (2) 1st Edwards' Bruet Brandy Snap. 2nd Tukela Umgaza at Sofala.
POST GRADUATE DOG (2) 1st Gander's Tukela Umgaza at Sofala. 2nd Godfrey's Tano Raffingora - Of heavier build but not a trace of coarseness. Good width and depth of chest, front boned down to ground with good feet and well angulated at the rear, good croup. Needs to lose a little weight to look his best. Moved with drive.

Matabelle Mozart - photo taken 1997
LIMIT DOG (4) A superb class, a very difficult decision between three top class hounds. 1st Piehl's Matabelle Mozart - I gave him best puppy when he was 7 months and he certainly has lived up to that early promise An athletic looking hound that has all the essentials, gun barrel front boned to ground on excellent feet, good width and depth of chest, one of the few not to be hollow in front. Well laid clean shoulders, level topline, ribs dropped to elbows and carried well back. Strong loin, good croup and tailset. Moved with drive from his well angulated, muscular quarters. Best in Show. 2nd Mathewson's Sipo Tamba - Many of the attributes of 1st. Good head, dark round eye, strong neck, good bone, on strong pasterns and feet. Good width of chest and well ribbed back, slightly shorter coupled than 1st. Well angulated at the rear. Reachy movement in profile and tracked up well. Not quite as settled as 1 when stacked. 3rd Hick's Voortrekker Simutwe.
OPEN DOG (4:1 abs) 1st Seaman's Ch Sansilver Samuru - A well balanced dog that I have often admired from the ringside and always gives of his best. Good balanced head and neck of good length, clean shoulders, correct width of brisket with ribs dropped to elbows, level topline and well angulated rear. Extends well in profile. 2nd Simper's Roseridge Regent of Matabelle - A little longer in body length with superb gunbarrel front, level topline with good angulation and muscular quarters which he uses to motor round the ring. 3rd Regler's Simbani Kana.
VETERAN DOG (2) 1st Edwards Bruet the Gentleman - Good honest, workmanlike hound, still with good front and arched feet. Level topline and good through croup, well angulated with well let down hocks. Moves with fluidity and reach in profile although perhaps showing his 7 years a little in his quarters going away. 2nd Ch Shabani Kana -Attractive 7 yr who carries his years lightly, 1st class head. I like his general balance and type, well boned front, less well angulated than 1st.
STUD DOG (2:1 abs) 1st Roseridge Regent of Matabelle - Standing alone in his class but what a sire! Such lovely quality and type he is producing. A well deserved first.
PUPPY BITCH (5) 1st Cunnane's Sofala Seren - Lovely puppy only a few days over six months. Every inch female with well sculpted head, good depth to muzzle and kind dark round eye. Beautiful clean crested neck set strongly into ? shoulder, correct slight definition of forechest. Good straight forelegs and tight feet, level top line and well angulated at the rear, needs to drop in the ribbing but she has plenty of time. A little erratic on the move but did enough to win Best Puppy in Show. 2nd Simper's Matabelle Mercedes - Very mature for her 11 months. Attractive bead, excellent front and feet, not quite the neck of 1st but also with level topline and well anguJated and let down rear. Moved very fluidly a close decision between them. 3rd Storey's Kiromol Kibibi.
JUNIOR BITCH (4:1 abs) 1st Coyne's Ozubi Kukumbuka Duba - The proportions of this bitch are excellent, good strong bone on straight forelegs, good topline, strong through loin, excellent muscular quarters with plenty of width across thighs and good angulation. Moving with long easy strides and tracking up well. 2nd Stanley & Dixon's Nyassa Tajiri of Asante - Unlucky to meet 1st in this class as not quite so mature. Good topline and angulation. Needs to tighten up but I am sure will do so in time. Another which moves with long easy strides. 3rd Mears' N'Kunde Akejsha.
NOVICE BITCH (3) 1st Morris' Kasenga Kiplagat - Really liked this bitch, gunbarrel front with strong, well boned springy pasterns and tight feet, good depth and width of brisket. Good depth of rib carried well back and level topline, good turn of stifle. Very good movement in profile showing reach and drive and tracking up perfectly when moving up and down. I hope to see her at shows some more. 2nd Parry & Gunn's Diamondridge African Rose - Lovely type with attractive feminine head and round dark eye. Scored in general balance. Good length of neck, level topline and tail insert, well ribbed back, weJJ angulated quarters. Another good mover. 3rd Ford's Tukela Kasulu
POST GRADUATE BITCH (5) 1st Edwards' Matabelle Music at Bruet - Won this class on excellent movement. Moves with easy low strides tracking up well, particularly true when coming towards. Good length of neck, excellent layback of shoulder and gunbarrel front, good drop and width to brisket, level topline and well angulated quarters. 2nd Ford's Tukela Kasulu - Red wheaten with arched strong neck of good length, good movement in profile but standing was not feeling in a co-operative mood! 3rd Seaman's Sansilver Kuru.
LIMIT BITCH (4) 1st Craigie's 1mbali Kamili Khala -Attractive light wheaten with well balanced head and kind dark eye. Ultra feminine of good proportions. Neck a good length, straight well boned forelegs, strong pasterns and tight feet. Well laid shoulders with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Not enthusiastic stacked but on the move drove off from her hocks and motored around the ring. 2nd Edwards' Matabelle Moondance at Bruet - Good depth and width to muzzle, well defined stop, scores in beautiful arched neck which flows into good withers and level topline, good depth and spring of rib carried well back to strong loin of good length. Moving not as freely as 1st but still a good mover nonetheless and a close decision. 3rd Crunden's 1mbali Kicheko of Voortrekker.
OPEN BITCH (8) 1st Morris' Ch Matabelle Masquerade at Kasenga - Now almost a veteran but carries her years lightly. Another well balanced bitch in superb bloom, neck of good length and merging into level topline. Ribs dropped to elbows and well ribbed back, strong loin and good through croup and tail insert. Clean shoulders, gunbarrel front with good feet and well angulated quarters. Although faced with hot competition in this class and later by the other class winners, her maturity and showmanship carried her through to Best Bitch. 2nd Storey's Sansilver Diamond Life of Kiromol - a very pretty light wheaten just coming into her best, With attractive feminine head and kind dark eye, good length of neck and level top line, good tail insert good straight front and depth and width to brisket. Moving well and with great enthusiasm. 3rd Hicks Sansilver Pumalanga.
VETERAN BITCH (5:1 abs) What a superb class of four champion bitches, all in first class condition and showing a good set of heels. It was not an easy class to judge as I felt that they were all deserving of a red card. I congratulate their owners on the presentation of such obviously much loved old ladies. 1st Crunden's Ch Matabelle Mayfair - now just past her 8th birthday. An old favourite, I gave her BOB when she was a junior and she can still show the youngsters a thing or two now. Showing better than ever. Good width and depth of brisket, well boned straight front with arched feet, good topline. Moving with plenty of reach and enthusiastically. 2nd Joslyn's Ch Tukela Shona - another golden oldie, with an attractive head and good round dark eye. Good well boned straight forelegs, and feet. Clean shoulders and level topline. Another moving very well for her 8 years. 3rd Craigie's Ch Imbali Zuri.
BROOD BITCH (4:2 abs) 1st Simper's Matabelle Mayerling. Both excellent brood bitches producing an excellent stamp of offspring. M. Mayerling won this class on the overall ? of type and quality of her progeny. 2nd Craigie's Imbali Balela.
BRACE (1) 1st Joslyn's Tukela Muluku/Tukela Kasembe