Open Show 4 May, 1997

Judges Jenni Morris, dogs
           Pam Blay, bitches

BIS Kiromol Kibidi

BOS Matabelle Messenger
Show report, dogs only
I enjoyed judging dogs at the SRRA open show and would like to thank the committee for inviting me and for their hospitality. Although it was a cold blustery day, the rain stayed away, enabling judging to take place outside in a large ring where hounds could be moved to advantage. It was a good quality entry and I was very pleased with my final line up.
1. Dowlings. Matabelle Crusader. Big strongly made puppy, pleasing head with powerful muzzle, although I would like a slightly longer foreface. Good length of neck, well boned with good angulation. Looks a shade long at the moment in his current stage of growth but this may well alter as he matures. He showed very well and moved out soundly
2. 2. Wrens. Madukani Marluki
3. 3. Taylors. Noonday Warrior
1. Hector-Jones. Diamondridge Devils Gold. Most attractive red wheaten dog with a pleasing head. He is well made with a good forechest and depth of body, well boned with good angulation and moved out very soundly.
2. Khaliq and Ricciardis. Imbali Ekundu
3. Taylors. Noonday Warrior
1. Hector-Jones. Diamondridge Devils Gold
2. Pearces Sansilver Bekitemba
3. Wrens Madukani Marluki
1. Davis. Imola Iso Lele. Well made quality dog with lovely head and expression. Well boned, good depth of body, powerful hind quarters with good angulation, moved out freely.
LIMIT DOG (6) (1abs)
1. Piehls. Matabelle Messenger. Big dog, substantial and athletic with good length of neck, level topline, good depth and ribbing, strong over loins, well angulated front and rear and very well boned with good feet. A powerful free moving dog. B.D. and B.O.S.
2. 2. Ganders. Tukela Umgaza at Sofala
3. 3. Hills. Sansilver Kalihari
OPEN DOG (3) (1abs)
1. Hardens. Ch. Kwekwe Kumi. Good sized quality dog. Typical head, strong neck with level topline, good depth of chest, well ribbed, good angulation fore and aft, good feet. Moved and showed very well and pushed Limit winner hard in the challenge but couldn’t quite match him on the move – however it was a very close decision. R.B.D.
2. 2. Piehls. Matabelle Mozart
VETERAN DOG (5) (3abs)
1. Reglers. Ch. Shabani Kana. Handsome red wheaten with lovely head and expression, good bone and feet, looking fit and well, enjoying his day out. Moving soundly, just lacking a little drive from behind which is understandable in a nine year old dog. B.V.
2. 2. Storeys. Wiljoe Ollie
STUD DOG (3) (2abs)
Simpers. Roseridge Regent of Matabelle. With an impressive family group.
BROOD BITCH (3) (1abs)
1. Barnes. Voortrekker Lya Pompa of Diamondridge. Has stamped her pleasing type on her offspring.
2. Simpers. Matabelle Mayerling
BRACE (5) (2abs)
1. Parrys. Brace. Very similar in type and moving very well together
2. Craigies. Brace
3. Gadsdons. Brace
Class winners:

Craigie's Imbali Hususa

Barnes' Diamondridge Royal Gold