Open Show May 1998

Judge Peggy Grayson

BIS Morris' Ch. Kasenga Kip Keino
BOS Craigie's Imbali Kamili Khala
The Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association held an open show in the indoor school at Catherston stud in Hampshire, an ideal dog show venue, spacious and light with plenty of seating. 79 hounds were entered, 10 were absentees.
The Judging was most interesting and I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. I found some variation in size and not all movement was satisfactory, some heavy loaded shoulders causing poor front movement, some rather long thin second thighs causing close rear movement. In profile not all had the required light ground¨covering stride with the drive from the rear. The prevailing fault was poor feet, so many with long toes, open toes and even flat feet, all useless for a hound that had to work long hours in rough going. The correct shaped feet with deep, tough pads are surely as much a feature of the breed as the ridge?
BIS was Ch. Kasenga Kip Keino, lovely dog in his 9th year, great proportion and balance, strongly boned, best of feet, well shaped, tight and thickly padded, well muscled, moved on grand ground covering stride and for a big boy and at rising 9 years of age, so light and athletic, lovely neck and shoulders, good topline, well shaped skull, good earset, kindest of eyes, strong foreface, good ridge with neat crowns, such a lovely pattern of a Ridgeback;
BOS, Imbali Kamili Khala, so well in proportion, beautifully balanced, bone and body, neck and shoulders and strong backend, all of a piece, beautiful feet, grand neck and shoulders, well moulded skull, strong muzzle, well shaped eye, kind intelligent expression, feminine but with no weakness, moved lightly and strongly.
BP, Kupenda Zuri Kutotula, nicely grown for age, such a sound light mover, nicely boned, good feet, well laid shoulder, very good ridge with lovely crowns. Still very young and has yet to grow and mature, but most promising.
PD (5): 1 Bamford and King's Sagwazi Lightning Ridge, must not grow on as he is full size now at just 9 months. All in balance, lovely strong mover, very athletic with light ground covering stride, good depth of brisket nicely developed ribs, strong loin and quarters, well laid shoulder, strong neck, nice proportions to head. Needs to tighten in feet. Should have a promising future; 2 Nolan's Harambee Shozi, although a bit overawed at first, soon settled down and decided life was not so bad after all, Excellent ridge and crowns, nicely made rib and brisket, moved freely. Only 7 months so has a lot of maturing to do; 3 Jeffrey's Umzumbee Jules.
JD (2): 1 S Lightning Ridge; 2 Edwards' Bruet The Magician, well ribbed, strong neck, good bone and hind leg. Rather flat in feet and slack in topline.
ND (3,1a): 1 S Lightning Ridge; 2 Khaliq and Ricciardi's Imbali Ekundu, good free mover, well boned, tough feet, very good hind leg, good skull, strong foreface. Needs to spring a bit more rib.
PGD (8): 1 Storey's Kiromol Kambui, very active and athletic, sound on the move, excellent bone, feet and hind leg, well constructed body, good depth of brisket strong loin and thighs, nicely made skull, good eye, wide ridge with small even crowns; 2 Ellis' Rejan Zoah Zejak, similar in type and size, just preferred firsts hind leg and feet. Inclined to get tail up a bit high. Good neck, shoulders, ribs and brisket, strong thighs and quarters, well developed ridge, good crowns, sunny temperament. 3 Nolan's Keo Wa Harambee.
LD (5, 1 withdrawn): Piehl's Matabelle Messenger, big strong athletic hound, long strong stride, nicely ribbed, good depth of brisket, wide strong loin and quarters, broad skull, well set ears, correct stop and foreface, kindly eye, good temperament, bone and feet, neat ridge with small crowns; 2 Regler's Vizara Shemesh of Shabani, smaller but all in proportion, nice balance to head, strong neck, good shoulder, nice hind leg, good feet. Not quite the bone of 1. Moved strongly, kind intelligent eye; 3 Davis' Imola Iso Lele.
OD (7,1) 1 RBD, Harden's Ch. Kwe Kwe Kumi, not a big one but all in proportion with good balance, strongly boned, good feet and hind leg, good rib and depth, strong quarters and thighs, excellent neck and shoulder, very free and sound on the move with light step, clean skull of good proportions, nicely set ears, good eye and expression, wide ridge with good crowns; 2 Woodrow's Ch. Mirengo's Mandimba, big strong hound, great bone and tough feet, very strong loin and quarters, very strong sound mover, Just preferred rib construction of 1; 3 Hick's Voortrekker Simutwe.
VD (5,1): 1 BD & BIS Morris' Ch. Kasenga Kip Keino; 2 Regler's Ch. Shabani Kana, very nice, loved his head, eye and expression, at 10 is still such a free light mover, well bodied and boned; 3 Simper's Roseridge Regent of Matabelle.
PB (4): 1 BP, Love's Kupenda Kuuri Kutotula; 2 Eves' Zindika Jonker, nicely grown for age, good bone. Bit long in toes, Very good rib and depth, nice light mover with strong drive. Tail set and carried rather high. Nice balance to head. Needs time; 3 Wallis and O'Hara's Rumuruti Raz.
JB (3): 1 Clark's Azuli Aylsih, active light mover, just a bit loose in front. Very good neck, shoulder and depth of brisket, strongly boned, good feet, very good ridge and crowns, cheerful personality; 2 Harden's Kwe Kwe Kara-Ki, rather loose in front and could have a little more bone for size. Good ribs and brisket, nice type head.
NB (2); 1 Dunn and Eves' Zejak Beza of Zindika, nice size and type. Rather heavy on shoulder which made her move wide in front. Good skull, well developed muzzle, very kind eye, nicely ribbed, good depth brisket, strong loin, well muscled quarters, strode out well; 2 Craigie's Imbali Hususa, nicely bodied, good rib, loin ridge and crowns, moved reasonably well. Preferred firsts head and feet.
PGB (8,2): 1 RBB, Hill's Sansilver Tashama, lovely free light active mover, good bone for size, well developed brisket, nicely sprung rib, good neck, shoulder, hind leg, ridge and crowns. Good width to skull, could be a shade cleaner at sides, strong foreface. Well shaped kind intelligent eye; 2 Love' Harambee Zoyisa, rather soft in topline. Good bone and feet, lovely feminine head of good proportions, good eye, expression, ridge and crowns; 3 Parry's Bruet Creme Brulee.
LB (7,1): 1 Hutchings' Harambee Ipi-Hamba, nice size, strongly constructed, good bone. Could have better feet. Good neck shoulder and hind leg, strongly bodied.
Good skull, bit full in cheek. Very kind expression, good ridge and crowns; 2 Bates' Gunthwaite Giseiie, smaller but in proportion. Rather loose in front movement Good body properties, very nice bore and feet. Not very happy; 3 Edwards Matabelle Music at Bruet..
OB (10,3): 1 BB, Craigie's Imbali Kamili Khala; 2 Simperís Ch. Matabelle Mercedes, nice younger bitch, all of a piece, well proportioned and bodied, free and active; 3 Clark's Trendsetter Tamania of Azuli.
VB (4,1): 1 Craigie's Imbali Hizri, very good type and size, lovely outline, good ridge and crowns, lovely balance to head, light and free on the move; 2 Davis' Mirengo's Mayuri of Imola, good body, strong movement. Bit slack in feet, 3 Dunn and Evans' Wiljoe Jossi Mambazo.
Stud (3,1): 1 R Regent of M; 2 Ch. Diamondridge Daredevil. Brood (2,1) 1 I Kamili Khala,
Brace (4,1): 1 Storey's, 2 Parry's, 3 Barnes'.